Bigg Boss Season 12 has kick started on the 16th September 2018. The oh so famous reality show will be airing on Colors channel at 9 pm every night including the weekends. The Bigg Boss has started with the bang clinging everyone to their television screens every night for the next 100 days for sure.

Watching the the first episode of the show premiering on a Sunday, everyone including the contestants were astonished seeing the ace singer Anup Jalota entering the show with a very beautiful girl whose name came out to be Jasleen Matharu. Although, the partnership was officially termed as a very professional teacher-student relationship, later on in a task both Mr. Anup Jalota and the singer Jasleen Matharu accepted that they were everything and very important for each other.

The age factor between Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu has been considered the biggest factor that has lead to such a hype for both of them. Singer Anup Jalota’s age is 65 years and Jasleen Matharu is aged 28 years. It is being considered the biggest element that has got everyone in the country into confusion. Although, the reality show is known for many ups and downs as well as twists, this one between the Bhajan Samrat and the budding singer Jasleen Matharu is a flabbergasting one. Jasleen Matharu has worked along with many big names in the music industry namely Sukhwinder Singh, Mika and Anup Jalota. She is also is a skilled western and a classical singer.

Here are 10 Things You Did Not Know About Jasleen Matharu. 

Jasleen Matharu started learning music at the age of 11.

Jasleen Matharu singer

The budding and beautiful singer Jasleen Matharu has been working under the leadership of Govind Bagariya, Garhtaknet, Shrimadhopur.

anup jalota and jasleen matharu relation

Jasleen Matharu is also a sportsperson and a brown belt in kick-boxing.

jasleen matharu bigg boss

Jasleen Matharu’s parents were unaware of her relationship with Anup Jalota according to the reports.

anup jalota wiki wife

She just like any daughter loves her parents and considers both her parents as her teachers.

anup jalota jasleen matharu

Jasleen is surely talented as she is also a skilled classical, hip-hop and a belly dancer.

jasleen matharu wiki anup jalota

She has worked with the Punjabi singer Mika’s group for about 3 years before entering the Bigg Boss house.

jasleen matharu anup jalota singer

Her solo debut album is known as ” Love Day Love Day” and has been directed by her father Kesar Matharu.

jasleen matharu anup jalota family

Jasleen has a fetish of tattoos and has various of them of which one says that she is a fighter.

jasleen matharu anup jalota wife

Jasleen Matharu loves cat and also has a cat back home.

jasleen matharu and anup jalota age

According to sources, the Padmashri awarded singer Anup Jalota has married thrice, two of which resulted in divorce. The third marriage with Medha Jalota did not go on for long because she unfortunately left for her heavenly abode after suffering a heart attack and liver failure. His son from the third wife Medha Jalota has studied in the Princeton University. Jasleen Matharu has been in a relationship with Anup Jalota since three years according to the reports.

Since, Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu’s relationship has created a lot of hype this year Bigg Boss is expected to have a higher amount of TRP too. People on twitter had mixed reactions regarding both the Bigg Boss contestants. While some explained how it was just a publicity stunt, others commented positively.

This year, the very famous reality show Bigg Boss started with its Season 12 on colors TV with 17 contestants on board. Tune into the show for more.

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