As Mumma’s girl, I would rate this movie with five stars for showing an impeccable relationship between the perfect duo of Insia and her mother Najma, played by Meher Vij.

The movie stars Aamir Khan as Shakti Kumar who plays an award-hungry music composer and Zaria plays the role of Insia , a young teenage girl from a Muslim family who is gaga over singing and wants to pursue her passion by hook or crook.

So, a couple of hours ago, I just asked my friend to tell me something about this movie and she wore a very okayish look. To this, she reasonably replied, “ It lacks something”. The first half of the movie was quite boring in her perspective and the whole movie is a pool of songs. Well according to me, the movie is a wake-up call for all those girls who think they are not capable of doing something in life. Like Insia , we should all add wings to our dreams be it any possible way.

Starring – Aamir Khan, Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij , Raj Arjun and many more.

Director – Advait Chandan

Genre – Drama/Action

Running time – 2 hours 35 minutes

Home Release Date – 19th October 2017

The one thing in the movie that brings me to tears is how Insia’ s father treats her mother and his daughter too. He is portrayed as a complete orthodox and narrow-minded character. Najma’s life resembles all those women who are silent sufferers of domestic violence. It’s a story showing how the internet can possibly act as boon sometimes. The burqa plays a very important role in the movie as with the help of it, the protagonist creates a mystery among her audience. Slowly and steadily, she becomes a sensation and is also mentioned in various newspapers and news channels.

Because the story is out, I would like to mention that the climax is breathtaking and an inspiration for all those ladies who are mute sufferers of their Husband’s cruelties. Najma finally divorces her husband and decides to stay with their children owing to his never-ending heinous treatments. Aamir plays a mentor throughout the movie. The award show in the last scene is where the mystery of Insia comes to an end.

Again, it’s a tear-jerking movie where you realize how lucky you and I are to live in a family where people are so lovable and respectful of your dreams. This movie surely teaches me not to complain and cringe about little things in life. The inspiration totally comes from the moment when the girl fights against all odds with the help of her loving mother. Besides this, there is also an innocent infatuation between Insia and her classmate who helps her in all sorts of ways to reach her goal.

Hence, Secret Superstar is definitely worth watching for anybody out there. I seriously do not like criticizing any movie because we are not directors, it’s the crew’s hardcore effort to come up with a movie and we should probably respect that.

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