Board games are where it all started. Early humans used to pass their time playing board games but of course they did not have mobile devices and everything used to be physically present in front of them. In today’s era we have the leisure of playing board games on your phone itself. There are many titles you can choose from but very few will provide you with good gameplay experience. When a genre enters the mobile market then it has to be very well optimized and titles under it must have good gameplay aesthetics.

In this article we will list out the top 10 best board games that you can enjoy on your mobile device anytime anywhere.

Game #1 – Ludo King

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused people to stay at their homes. The very reason has caused people to explore the mobile game genre. Many games came into the spotlight but Ludo King was the one that shined the brightest. Ludo is a game that has been played by generations and even kings and queens of the BC era used to play it in their spare time.

In this game you can pass your time by experiencing the true essence of Ludo with added features like customisation, online play etc.

Game #2 – Monopoly Classic

Most of us might have already owned this board game at some time or at least have heard of it. Monopoly is a very fun board game which mirrors real life situations such as making money, marriage, buying a house etc. This makes the game very unique and now you can enjoy it right at your fingertips.

Quick thinking and making correct decisions will be a main aspect while playing this game. So remember to think before you act or else you will end up ‘Bankrupt’ which is what you are trying to avoid.

Game #3 – Board Club

Till now we saw titles inspired from specific board games. But the Board Club brings it all under one roof. You can experience almost all the board games like carrom, chess, ludo, dominoes, Monopolise, snake ladder and even pen fight. Yes you read that right!!!! You can even enjoy a game discovered by us when the lectures in schools and colleges were very boring. This mix creates a very cozy place for players to enjoy one of their favorite board games in a single place.

Game #4 – Carrom Pool: Disc Game

A title from one of the best game creators, Miniclip, brings the carrom board at the convenience of your fingertips. Carrom has been one of the most sought after board games hence having an opportunity to play it on your mobile device is a real treat. And the game is excellent in terms of optimization. The physics of the game gives it a very realistic aesthetic.

Overall it’s an excellent board game that will keep you occupied for hours.

Game #5 – Board Kings: Online board game

Board kings is a very unique and fun to play online game. The game is very similar to Monopoly which is already a hit game. Again here you are challenged with real life decisions and issues. The visuals of the game are also excellent and will definitely create a very fun environment to play in. The best part is you can play online with strangers and also with your friends and family.

Roll the dice, destroy other player’s boards and grab all the goodies.

Game #6 – RISK: Global Domination

It is a strategic battle warfare game with you being a part of WWI but the only difference is you will be dealing with zombies as well. You can experience more than 60 maps and compete with players from around the globe. Another feature of the game is that you can play in real time also known as live multiplayer.

Game #7 – The Castle of Burgundy

The Castles of Burgundy provides a great deal of choices and methods to win big, but it’s a pain to set up, and the original game’s little hexagonal pieces had some terrible color choices that made them difficult to identify. This app version features images from the most recent edition, as well as strong AI players who can traverse the many alternatives open to players, besides the bravery that only real humans can demonstrate.

Overall it’s a very fun game to play and different from your conventional board games.

Game #8 – Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars is among the most famous and well-reviewed complex strategy games ever made, and converting it to digital was a major task due to the challenges of establishing strong AI opponents for the app. Terraforming Mars is based on Kim Stanley Robinson’s popular trilogy of Mars novels, and it challenges players against each other to create competitive card engines that generate six distinct resources that can be used to buy and play more cards.

Game #9 – Patchwork

Patchwork is a brilliant two-player game from Uwe Rosenberg, who is best known for heavy games that require a lot of time to get established such as farming or building games. On each turn, players choose randomly oriented materials from a rondel that restricts options, putting them on individual nine-by-nine boards and occasionally collecting buttons, the game’s money, to enable them to buy bigger material parts or get additional choices from the board. However, the images in the app do not match the imagery in the physical game and are, to be honest, rather too adorable.

Game #10 – Eight-Minute Empire

It is a board game of territory ownership that takes only a few minutes of time to learn. The player starts with three-foot soldiers in the same spot on the board, and each turn they receive a defined number of moves by drawing a card that grants goods as well as movement points, military units, or the right to develop a city. In the end your score is determined by your command over continents and your bunch of products, with the highest rewards coming from collecting a lot of any one good. It is a very quick paced fun to play game with the AI being quite challenging.

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