Experience the state of Vermont by reading out the Top 50 Places to Visit in Vermont, U.S.A article below which will actually take you on a ride into the Best of Vermont. First of all, do check out hotels and choose out Where to say in Vermont. After that, you can start checking out all the Top 50 Places to Visit in Vermont, U.S.A. If you are making the plan season wise, then segregate the Places to visit in Vermont in Fall and Places to Visit in Vermont in Winter and so on and so forth.

The State of Vermont, also fondly referred to as “Green Mountain State” has everything a weary traveler seeks. Located in the New England region of United States of America, Vermont is a state that becomes the definition of ‘picturesque’ with its incomparable natural beauty that can delight any soul. The Green Mountain State with its vast expanses of green pastures, lowly plains, and distant downy mountains silently calls on to the weary traveler to come to rejuvenate his spirit in the midst of its resonating silence. You can also check out Wyoming and West Virginia whilst in U.S.A 

For a wholesome experience of Vermont, one should read this article listing Top 50 Places to Visit in Vermont, U.S.A. and know that apart from this pristine image of the state, the state is a fully functional part of US and hence it will have many important landmarks and historical places to visit. Although sparsely populated, Vermont is a home to the bustling city of Burlington, especially South Burlington, among other cities with an up and coming street-life, posh shopping malls, nationwide convenience store chains, and popular food joints, while also acting as host to tourists who come for visits, especially to the towns of Killington, Stowe among others for the sole purpose of Skiing. Vermont, is like a mini Europe within the USA, with its cool summers and freezing winters, with all the composite colors and textures one can see while backpacking through Northern Europe. You can also check out Texas in U.S.A 

Anyone who’s been to Vermont will affirm to the fact that the best time for a ‘tourist-y’ visit to the state is during the Fall season, particularly towards the later part of Fall, when the foliage of the rebelliously red maple trees turns magnificently scarlet against the whitening backdrop. However, it will depend on how and when you wish to make the trip, as tourists traveling to Vermont are known to be going on road-trips across the state while carrying mountain bikes to enjoy the scenic beauty of the state.

Having the second smallest population in the entire country, the state of Vermont still has stock of upcoming cities that include Burlington, South Burlington, Rutland, Barre, Winooski, St. Albans, Newport, Vergennes, and quaint picturesque towns like Manchester, Woodstock, Stowe, Dorset, Killington, Montpelier, Shelburne among others, a list which one should know well if they’re planning for a tour of USA’s Green Mountain State. Hereupon are the Top 50 Best Places to visit in Vermont, county as well as City wise.

Top 50 Places to Visit in Vermont, U.S.A

The Green Mountain National Forest

best places to visit in Vermont

About: The Green Mountain National Forest is the chief tourist attraction to be found in the state of Vermont, whether it be the Fall, Winter or Summer. During the summers, it’s deep and dense forests provide handsome hiking trails for adventurists.

Why Should you visit: For the best and wholesome experience of Hiking through the Green Mountain National Forest, one should hike the Long Trail, which is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the United States. As of the present, The Green Mountain Club protects and maintains the Long Trail System and fostering, through education, the stewardship of Vermont’s hiking trails and mountains.

Entry Fees: Adult: $2.00

Timings: open 24-hours a day.

Official Websites: Green Mountain

Lake Champlain

best places to visit in Vermont

About: Lake Champlain is factually the 6th Great Lake of The United States. Anyone in the world has heard of the Great Lakes of North America, although only recently, President Bill Clinton had Lake Champlain of the New England Region receive designation as one of the Great Lakes.

Why should you Visit: With its northern tip in Canada, the refreshing thing about Lake Champlain, besides the obviously gorgeous, Adirondack-flanked lake itself, is its quiet pastoral charm, which lets you imagine the world is still young. There’s a lot to do in the surrounding area, like hiking, playing golf, camping or take ferry boat rides, but the beauty is in, how easy it is to not do anything and just spend some quiet time with yourself around a low bonfire. Whether you visit the scenic location of the Champlain Lake Ferry station or visit the Champlain Valley Fair, you will have a profound experience that’ll be bound to have a long-lasting impact on you.

Timings: Nil

Entry Fees: Adult: $4.50 (Champlain Lake Ferry Ride)

Official Website: Lake Champlain

Hildene: Lincoln Family Home

best places to visit in Vermont

About: Hildene is a stunning Georgian Revival Mansion and the family home of US President Abraham Lincoln’s descendants. His only son to survive into adulthood Robert Todd Lincoln had visited Manchester, Vermont, with his mother shortly before his father’s assassination. Later when he became the president of the Pullman Company, he returned here to build Hildene as his family’s home. Hildene was designed by Boston Architectural firm Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge.

Why should you visit: It was occupied solely by Lincoln descendants until 1975. Now, visitors can enjoy self-guided or docent-led tours of the sprawling 400-acre Estate, which include the mansion and 13 historic buildings. Highlights included the formal garden, a 1903 Pullman car, an observatory, a solar-powered goat cheese and dairy-making facility, and a historic carriage barn.

Timings: 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Entry Fees: Adult: $20

Official Website: Hildene – Lincoln Family Home

Bennington Battle Monument and Museum

best places to visit in Vermont

About: Situated on Route 9 in the town of Bennington, there is 306-foot tall Obelisk known as the Bennington Battle Monument which commemorates the Battle of 1777 fought about 5 miles from the town peripheries. One can travel up the obelisk with an elevator.

Why should you visit: This battle goes down in the All American History as the one that turned the tide against the British by splitting British General John Burgoyne’s forces in half, making the final American victory possible. Beside the monument there is a museum which is best known for its extensive collection of works by primitive folk artist Anna Mary Robertson, better known as “Grandma Moses”, along with her schoolhouse painting studio. This museum also showcases the historical artistry of eastern New York State, southern Vermont and New Hampshire, and northwestern Massachusetts from the 18th century until now.

Entry Fees: Adults: $5.00

Timings: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Official Website: Bennington Battle Monument and Museum

VINS Nature Centre

best places to visit in Vermont

About: The Vermont Institute of Natural Science Nature Center is a 47-acre campus that supports environmental education, research, and avian rehabilitation in Quechee, Vermont. It’s situated near the Quechee State Park and has more than 15 top-of-the-line rapture enclosures, two classrooms, four spaces for exhibits, and just under a mile of informative nature trails.

Why should you Visit: Visitors can sign up for animal encounter classes from birds to Cold Blooded Critters, featuring a turtle, a snake, and an amphibian. There are onsite exhibits like Ice Age Mammals on the Meadow, a place to romp and play at Nature’s Playground, and opportunities to watch certain animals feed or receive rehabilitation, among other activities.

Timings: 10:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m | Open 7 days a week

Entry Fees: Adults: $15.50

Official Website: INS Nature Center,

President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site

Best places to visit in Vermont

About: The President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site is located in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, where the 30th President of the United States Calvin Coolidge was born and raised. To this day, the village remains very much unchanged with Coolidge’s family home, his neighbors’ homes, a one-room-schoolhouse, the community church, a cheese factory, and the general store all beautifully restored – many with their original furnishings.

Why should you visit: Visitors will be able to explore each of these historic buildings, learning about the history through interpretive exhibits. Guests can also tour the two Plymouth Notch walking trails; the East Meadow Nature Trail is about one mile long, and the Old Cellar Hole Walking Trail approximately half a mile long.

Entry Fees: Adults – $10.00

Timings: 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m Open daily (for Summer Season only)

Official Website: President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site

Montshire Museum of Science

best places to visit in Vermont

About: The Montshire Museum of Science is a unique hands-on museum situated on over 100 acres of land near the Connecticut River in Norwich, Vermont.

Why should you visit: The outdoor ambiance of the museum plays a hefty role in the overall experience, with features like Bird’s-Eye View, a treetop viewing platform, and Blood Brooke Loop, a half-mile trail running along the lagoon. Guests will enjoy several interactive experiences, from learning about native plants and the environment to astronomy. Permanent and traveling exhibits cover everything from sounds and hearing to the Dinosaur Revolution.

Timings: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Opens daily

Entry Fees: Adults: $18;

Official Website: Montshire Museum of Science

Ethan Allen Homestead Museum

best places to visit in Vermont

About: Ethan Allen is Burlington, Vermont’s hometown hero. The revolutionary hero and Green Mountain Boy played key roles in protecting Vermont homesteading rights and aiding the Continental Army. There is also a Spirit of Ethan Allen Cruise that can be enjoyed by visitors in the city of Burlington, on Lake Champlain.

Why should you visit: At the homestead, visitors have a chance to see inside his snug former home, a nearly 200-year-old Cape Cod, and watch daily tasks demonstrated by staff. Guests will also learn about Allen’s ideas, from his philosophical writings to his land speculations. The homestead provides archaeological and historical gallery exhibits to explore and an onsite gift shop.

Timings: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Entry Fees: Adult: $10

Official Website: Ethan Allen Homestead Museum

Quechee Gorge

best places to visit in Vermont

About: Vermont’s deepest gorge was formed by glaciers about 13,000 years ago, and has continued to deepen by the constant action of the Ottauquechee River, which you will see flowing 165 feet below. The gorge cuts through the bedrock of the Devonian Gile Mountain Formation and Mesozoic mafic dikes can be seen on the west wall.

Why should you visit: It serves as a popular tourist attraction in Quechee State Park and can be viewed from the U.S. Route 4 bridge and from trails on both sides of the gorge. A trail leads through the woods beside the rim to the bottom of the gorge, where you can see the lower part of it from water level. Close to the gorge, also on Route 4, is the excellent Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences (VINS), a nature center where injured raptors are rehabilitated and returned to the wild.

Timings: Nil

Entry Fees: Nil

Official Website: Nil

Brattleboro’s Farmer’s Market

best places to visit in Vermont

About: In a region known for its small farms and agriculture, Brattleboro’s is the poster child of farmers markets. More than a place to buy fresh-picked vegetables and fruit from small independent local farmers, it is a social event, a meeting place, a Saturday lunch stop, and part of the weekend routine for southern Vermonters. Brattleboro itself is a cultural and social phenomenon, one of Vermont’s few towns with an industrial past, but also one where back-to-the-landers settled in the 1960s and ’70s and never left.

Why should you visit: You’ll find old favorite vegetables and all the trendy new varieties, along with flowers, artisanal breads, farm cheeses, handmade soap, local honey, maple syrup, pottery, jewelry, smart scarves, and French pastries. Plan to be there around lunchtime when there will nearly always be live music, and maybe Morris dancers on the shaded lawn. Some vendors sell prepared foods to eat at picnic tables under the trees. You may find savory stews from Mali, Thai noodles, Lebanese dolmas, even Breton crepes. In the winter, the market moves indoors to a Main Street location.

Timings: Pre-notified on Website for each event.

Entry Fees: Free entry. Purchase separately from registered vendors.

Official Website: Brattleboro’s Farmer’s Market

Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium

best places to visit in Vermont

About: The 1891 charming and fascinating Victorian-style building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, exhibits many of the usual things you’d expect – mounted birds and animals, Native American stone tools, Civil War memorabilia – as well as many delightful surprises. the bizarre collection of Victorian portraits of Washington, Lincoln, and others formed entirely of bugs and beetles. Vermonters love visiting the live broadcast studio for their favorite weather report, Eye on the Sky. Downstairs is a hands-on nature center with wasp hives, frogs, iguanas, and creepy things kids love.

Why should you Visit: Across the street is the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, whose Art Gallery was added in 1873, making it the oldest art gallery in the United States still in its original form. The collection features American and European artists from the late 18th- to mid-19th century. These and other outstanding examples of Victorian architecture on Main St. are described in a walking tour map of the street, available at the museum.

Timings: 9 a.m – 5 p.m.

Entry Fees: Adults: $9.00

Official Website: Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium

Rock of Ages Quarry

best places to visit in Vermont

About: Granite quarries were founded at Barre after the War of 1812 and are still operating today. You can visit the Rock of Ages quarry, a staggering hole in the earth, and at 550 feet wide, a quarter mile long, and 450 feet deep, the world’s largest quarry. Barre granite’s exceptionally fine grain makes it the preferred stone for finely detailed durable outdoor sculpture, such as monuments and architectural detail.

Why should you Visit: While there, along with touring the quarry and workshops, you can sand-blast your own granite souvenir and go bowling on what is believed to be the world’s only outdoor granite lane. Barre is the largest dimension stone granite quarry in the United States, and Vermont being the largest producer of slate in the country. The highest quarrying revenues result from the production of dimension stone.

Timings: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Opens all days for the Summer Season only

Entry Fees: Admission is Free for all.

Official Website: Rock of Ages Quarry

Hope Cemetery

best places to visit in Vermont

About: Hope Cemetery is just adjacent to the Rock of Ages Quarry, and is filled with elaborate carvings by early twentieth-century stone-cutters, highlighted by some remarkably life-like sculptures and by symbols of employment or favorite pastimes: a soccer-ball, an oil truck, or an outdoor scene with a fishing rod.

Why should you Visit: Barre drew expert stone workers and carvers, many from Italy, and as you might expect, you can find their work in public sculptures and in Hope Cemetery. Barre is the location of the Rock of Ages quarry, next to which lies the Hope cemetery. These two places are pronounced synonymously. While Rock of Ages Quarry provided the granite, the granite was turned into sculptures and were displayed at Hope Cemetery.

Timings: As per Daylight hours, open all year through.

Entry Fees: Free and open to all.

Official Website: Hope Cemetery

Shelburne Museum

best places to visit in Vermont

About: The Shelburne Museum is an eccentric and charming landmark in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. The exquisitely landscaped campus houses various historic buildings, including the Round Barn, Webb Gallery, Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education, and Electra Havemeyer Webb Memorial Building.

Why should you Visit: As visitors, you can enjoy sights of everything from impressionist paintings and folk art to circus collections and an onsite steamboat. Guests can dine on flatbread pizzas and sandwiches at the museum café, and shop in the artisanal or museum stores. The gardens, circus displays, and steamboat are outdoor attractions.

Timings: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Opens all days of the week)

Entry Fees: Adult: $25

Official Website: Shelburne Museum

Green Mountain Railroad

best places to visit in Vermont

About: The Green Mountain Railroad is a scenic train ride visitors and tourists can take across Vermont’s lush alpine forest terrain. It is owned by the Rutland Railroad and Boston and Maine Railroad. The railroad operates on a rail line between North Walpole, New Hampshire, and Rutland, Vermont. Fall foliage and a variety of winter holiday themed rides are the most popular and the most regular.

Why should you Visit: Guests ride through the charming Vermont countryside and, depending on destination, last between 35 minutes to an hour. Dinner train rides are available during the fall. For other train rides, guests may bring their own food and snacks or purchase snacks and non-alcoholic drinks onboard. Purchases on the train are cash only.

Timings: Day Rides and Night Rides available

Entry Fees: Entry free but Rides require a chargeable ticket.

Official Website: Green Mountain Railroad

Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historical Park

best places to visit in Vermont

About: Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park is a United States National Historical Park in Woodstock, Vermont. The park preserves the site where Frederick Billings established a managed forest and a progressive dairy farm. It is both a working farm and a Victorian mansion on the hill above, set in formal gardens designed by several foremost landscape architects. Both rail magnate Frederick Billings, and later, the Rockefellers were dedicated to land conservation and used this property to put it into practice.

Why should you visit: At the farm, you can tour the home of the farm manager with its downstairs dairy, visit cows in the barn, and tour a museum filled with lively exhibits on the farm and rural life. Tours of the Rockefeller home and grounds include themes of gardening, forestry, and their relationship to conservation.

Timings: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Entry Fees: Adult: $21.00

Official Website: Marsh Billings

ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain

best places to visit in Vermont

About: ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, formerly the Lake Champlain Basin Science Center, is an innovative science and nature center located on the Burlington waterfront in northern Vermont. ECHO’s building is Vermont’s first LEED certified Green Building. It is the only lake aquarium in the United States with this certification. The name ECHO originally represented educating and delighting people of all ages about the Ecology, Culture, History and Opportunities for stewardship of the Lake Champlain Basin.

Why should you Visit: ECHO has been open to the public since 2003, offering daily animal encounters and hands-on activities that are educational and family-friendly. The Patrick and Marcelle Leahy Center for Lake Champlain is a 2.2-acre (8,900 sq.m) campus recognizing Senator Patrick Leahy’s dedication to the stewardship of the Lake Champlain Basin. The Leahy Center is also home to the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, Lake Champlain Basin Program Resource Room, and Lake Champlain Navy Memorial.

Timings: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Open throughout all year)

Entry Fees: Adults: $14.50

Official Website: ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain

Mount Independence

best places to visit in Vermont

About: Mount Independence on Lake Champlain, a National historical landmark, is one of the largest and well preserver Revolutionary War archaeological sites in the whole of America. It was the site for extensive fortifications built during the American Revolutionary War, by the American Army to stop a British Invasion.

Why should you Visit: After the American Revolution, Mount Independence was farmland, used for grazing sheep and cattle. It is now a state historic site, and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1972 for its historical significance.

Timings: 10 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. (Opens daily)

Entry Fees: Adults: $5.00

Official Website: Mount Independence

Okemo Mountain Resort

best places to visit in Vermont

About: Skiing is one great tourist attraction in Vermont that pulls in flocks of visitors during the wintry months to indulge in the wide variety of Winter sports and activities. Okemo Mountain resort like other skiing locations in Vermont, is known for maintaining good quality on and off-slope skiing facilities. The resort is owned by a family and it consistently earns top awards and ratings for snow quality and grooming, terrain parks, family programs, resort dining, and customer service.

Why Should you Visit: The Okemo Mountain Resort, Ludlow in Windsor County is equally appealing to serious skiers, occasional skiers, and families seeking a winter vacation. Between nature, snowmaking, and grooming, Okemo consistently maintains some of the best ski conditions in the eastern New England region of US. Okemo has installed the East’s first bubble-covered six-seater lift with heated seats. Plus your stay at Okemo Mountain Resort comes with an extended Events Calendar with all sorts of fun activities for their guests.

Timings: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Weekends & Holiday periods)

Entry Fees: Nil

Official Website: Okemo Mountain Resort

Stowe Mountain Resorts

best places to visit in vermont

About: In the small, picturesque town of Stowe, stands two of Vermont’s tallest peaks, Mt. Mansfield and the neighboring Spruce peak. These peaks turn Stowe into a lucrative choice for skiers and families seeking a grand skiing experience in the Green Mountain State. With a covered bridge, white-spired church, weathered barns, and ski trails down the mountainside, Stowe’s appeal lies partly in image of the village itself, as pretty as they come and looking like it was posing for a Christmas card in its blanket of snow.

Why should you Visit: One of U.S.A’s earliest Ski Resort towns, Stowe was already very popular by the 1930s when in 1937 one of the world’s first chairlifts was installed here. Aside from Skiing, the resorts here offer luxury lodging, a spa with a heated outdoor pool and an art center. the entire road between the village and the mountain is lined country inns, luxury resorts and restaurants

Timings: Skiing timings as per regular daylight hours (usually 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

Entry Fees: Nil

Official Website: Nil

Mount Snow Valley

best places to visit in Vermont

About: Mount Snow is one of the most popular, largely due to its excellent snowmaking and its location as the closest major ski resort to many of the Northeast’s metropolitan areas. It is known to be frequently overcrowding.

Why should you Visit: One attractive feature of Mount Snow is that different skiing abilities have fairly separate areas of the mountain. In addition to the slow ski zone that includes the beginner area, the Long John/Little John trail from the peak allows novices the thrill of skiing from the top.

Timings: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Weekends & Holidays)

Entry Fees: Nil

Official Website: Mount Snow


best places to visit in Vermont

About: Killington is one of the most popular skiing destinations in Vermont. The appeal for the town lies in the fact that Killington has the most appropriate terrain for skiing in the whole of Vermont, and attracts a relatively younger crowd of boarders and skiers.

Why should you Visit: Throughout the ski season there is something happening at Killington every weekend, with festivals, bands, on- and off-slope competitions and events. Traditionalists may prefer the somewhat old-fashioned, laid-back charm of adjacent Pico Mountain, whose vertical drop of 1,967 feet is one of Vermont’s highest.

Timings: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Weekdays) 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Weekends & Holidays)

Entry Fees: Nil

Official Website: Killington

Sugarbush/Mad River Glen

best places to visit in Vermont

About: These are two legendary ski areas in the Mad River Valley of Vermont. Situated near Warren, Washington county, Sugarbush made its name in the 1960s as the home of the “Jet Set” – a term that may have originated here – with its two mountains of trails and 2,000 acres of backcountry kept it in the A-list for serious skiers. The neighboring Mad River Glen is a skier-owned mountain dedicated to natural terrain, natural snow, and skiers only.

Why should you visit: Mad River Glen comes with a thrilling tagline: ‘Ski it if you Can.” Sugarbush is the only place in the eastern New England region where one can experience CAT Skiing. Even though the serious skiers don’t come to Sugarbush as often anymore, there is still a lively social scene at the nearby resorts, all revolved around Skiing activities.

Timings: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Entry Fees: Nil

Official Website: Sugar Bush

Bolton Valley

best places to visit in Vermont

About: Not far from Burlington, this compact Alpine village is warm & family-friendly makes it seem smaller than its 71 trails that’s spread over 300 skiable acres. A variety of lodging options are right in the base area, either ski-in/ski-out or within a short walk of the lifts, and the village also includes two restaurants, a cafeteria, deli, and general store. The Sports Center has a heated pool.

Why should you Visit: Along with skiing and snowboarding, this self-contained resort offers 62 miles of Nordic and backcountry trails, snowshoeing, and lighted trails for night skiing.Bolton’s award-winning environmental initiatives include energy efficient HKD snow guns to augment the mountain’s annual average of 312 feet of natural snow.

Timings: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Entry Fees: Nil

Official Website: Bolton Valley

Bromley Mountain Resort

best places to visit in Vermont

About: Another very family-friendly Ski Resort. Unlike most ski arenas in Vermont, Bromley’s slopes and trails face south, which in winter translates to sunny slopes and trails throughout the day. They still excel at taking care of the snow. The trails are spread almost evenly between those rated for beginners, intermediates, and expert skiers.

Why should you visit: The ski trails at Bromley are spread almost evenly between those rated for beginners, intermediates, and expert skiers. Bromley is very well designed for day skiers.

Timings: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (regular daylight hours)

Entry Fees: Nil

Official Website: Bromley Mountain Resort

  • #26 Robert Frost Wayside Trail in Ripton
  • #27 Cross-country Skiing at Craftsbury Outdoor Center
  • #28 North Branch Nature Center, Montpelier
  • #29 Sleigh rides at Adam’s Farm, Wilmington
  • #30 Concerts at Higher Ground, Burlington
  • #31 Burlington Wild Lights Festival
  • #32 Vermont Chili Festival, Middlebury
  • #33 Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • #34 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival
  • #35 Wanderlust, Stratton
  • #36 Festival of Fools, Burlington.
  • #37 New Year’s Eve Featuring the Grift, Stowe
  • #38 Backcountry Film Festival Vermont Tour, Essex Junction
  • #39 Gibson Brothers North Country Christmas Show,
  • #40 Highlight, Burlington
  • #41 Making Spirits Bright, Shelburne, VT
  • #42 ‘Winterbike Fatbike’ Festival 2019, Lyndonville, VT
  • #43 Quarter House, Killington
  • #44 Gingerbread house and Ornament Making workshop, ONE Arts Centre, Burlington
  • #45 Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks Factory tour, Montpelier
  • #46 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory Tours, Waterbury.
  • #47 Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory Tour, Burlington
  • #48 Vermont Teddy Bear Factory Tour, Shelburne
  • #49 University of Vermont Campus Tour
  • #50 Charleston University, Charleston, VT

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