Are Pleated Skirts still in style in 2018, well the answer to this yes they are and even more in trend than they were in 2017. The most amazing thing about these skirts is that these pleated skirts can be worn both in the winter season and in the summer season. Do not worry, we have got you covered. We have listed on some Pleated Skirt Outfit Ideas so as to help with your question on how To Wear A Pleated Skirt.

How To Wear A Pleated Skirt For A Wedding is the question of the hour literally. And why? Because it’s the wedding season. Everyone wants to look beautiful as heck in the ceremony they go to. They want to earn compliments and be the star of the event. But what makes them so! Probably, how they dress up! The Pleated skirt trend can be dated back to many years back and it is still hot on trend.

There are many types of pleated skirts available in the market and they are a plain pleated skirt, long pleated skirt, midi pleated skirt, box pleated skirts and inverted pleated skirts. If you have got any one of them I would like to assure you here that a well fit crop top looks overly amazing with each and every one of them. The disclaimer here is to make sure you never wear a long length top with pleated skirts, the key to look royal and elegant is to wear a well fit crop or short top with them always.

Talking about colors, if you are choosing a dark-colored pleated skirt, then you should keep in mind that you should team it up with a white color or a very pastel color top. For instance, if you are going for a red, black or a pink color skirt, then your best would be to wear a white color crop top with them. If you are going for a lighter option in the skirt then try to pair it up with pastel colors tops or a black one for that sort.

pleated skirt style tips

Pleated skirts can be worn in formal occasions as well. When you are decking up for a wedding ceremony, well then you will also need some accessories to make yourself feel like that. First things first, identify the nature of your skirt. If that has a lot of work or prints then it is not necessary to wear any kind of jewelry with it. If the dress is uber plain, then you will certainly have to wear some neutral jewelry with it.

For hairstyles, keep your hair wavy or straight. Your hairstyle is going to add a certain amount of oomph to your look. Makeup should be subtle if you are going on a casual day out or if you are wearing a printed skirt. You can surely add a dash of red lip color to look sexy. Choose to wear platform heels with your pleated skirt to save it from dusting the floor.

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