Lightening your dark lips overnight or instanly is something that is quite impossible because these things require a a lot of time to show their effects. If you only regularize for 3 days or 5 days, then it wont do the work for you. You need patience as well as regularity in using home made remedies or another methods for that matter. First things first, you should quit smoking if you want pink lips instantly.

Lightening your darker lips is quite hard but important because lips actually enhance your face. If you have noticed, you might have come across the point when you are done with all your makeup but the star out of all the cosmetics is definitely your lip color. Hence, the proves that your lips are the winner of the game. So, what is the cause of dark lips actually? Why does it happen on the first place. Well, there a lot of causes such as smoking, genetics etc.

Check out 10 Ways To Lighten Your Dark Lips.

Betroot Juice

how to reduce dark color of lips overnight

The beetroot juice is best way to lighthen your dark lips.It is a home made remedy and also a very old one. All you need to do is get some beetroot from the market and chop it to get the juice out. Now, with a cotton, apply it on your lips everyday.

Sugar Scrub

how to reduce dark color of lips overnight

The sugar scrub can help you get rid of the dead skin that sits on your lips and causes them to look even more darker. All you need to do is mix some butter milk and some sugar so that they form into a paste. Now, with a toothbrush or your finger, rub the paste gently and wash off after 5 mins. Do this every day or on alternative basis.

Clarified Butter

how to lighten your dark lips instantly

The clarified butter is one of the most promising ways to ger rid of the pigmentation on the lips. What you can do is put some of it on your finger and apply it on the lips every night before sleeping. You can warm the clarified butter a little bit.

Rose Water and Milk Cream

how to lighten your dark lips

The rose water has many proven benefits attached to it and it does have an effect over reducing the darkness of the lips too. You can either get rose water from the market or make a paste of your own. Mix the petals and the butter milk and apply it every night before sleeping.

Sugar and Honey

how to lighten dark lips instantly

The sugar and honey are a perfect blend as a lip mask as the honey moisturizes the lips and the sugar makes you get rid of the darkened and the dead skin.


how to lighten your dark lips in 3 days

The berries have anti-oxidant properties that are effective in making the lips pink. You can chop the berries, take out the juice and use it on the lips as a paste to get rid of the pigmentation.

Hydrate Often

how to lighten your dark lips overnight

You should keep on drinking water throughout the day because it helps in keeping the lips hydrated which in turn helps in keeping them moisturized and maintain the color as well.

Pomegranate Seeds

how to lighten your dark lips in 3 days

The pomegranate seeds contain anti-oxidant properties that are effective in enriching the lips with much needed moisture and ingredients that will reduce the pigmentation of the lips.


how to get rid of dark lips overnight

The raw potato is quite effective in getting rid of pigmentation of the lips. They are infused with Vitamin C which help in attaining the desired results. Mash some potatoes and put some juice on the lips every night.

Turmeric And Milk


The turmeric and milk can be mixed in the form of a paste and then applied on the lips to reduce the discoloration.

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