Do you suffer from blackheads on your face or chin or cheeks perhaps. There are several reasons because of which blackheads occur on the face. Once they occur, it is very hard for a person to remove them but it is not impossible at all. The process might take some time but it will surely help you in the long time. A lot of people want to get rid of the blackheads on their face fast and instantly but it requires some time actually. How to get rid of Blackheads at home overnight is also not possible because of obvious reasons and that is why home and D.I.Y methods require regularity but are a little slow.

Let us first know, why do blackheads occur on the first place? Well, it is because of the accumulating of the blend of oil and dust on the skin. The major reason of blackhead on the face is clogging of the pores and that is why it is always suggested to keep your face clean from dust and dirt. Keeping in pace with the face hygiene is the best way to prevent blackheads. Most of the people get these big blackheads on the nose and chin because those are the areas where the most oil accumulate. Well, first things first, no matter wherever they are do not try to pop them ever because it will push the infection and bacteria more inside the skin, the problem of blackheads will aggravate.

Here are the Top 7 Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads, scroll below to know more.

Exfoliate Regularly

how to remove blackhead from face fast and permanently

The most important way of preventing blackheads from happening is to exfoliate your face on regular basis. Probably once every week will do the work for you. Make sure, the exfoliation cream is of good quality. Never, rub or scratch the face too hard while you are exfoliating.

Use Clay Mask

blackheads removal DIY HOME

Mask can be used to remove blackheads from the face and chin and with the regular use of these, you can try and reduce them to a large extent. The clay mask is from the brand L’Oreal and is infused with mineral-rich Moroccan Lava which helps in cleansing and leaves the skin shining. You can buy the product from Amazon for Rs.1455. 

Oatmeal Mask


This is one of the homemade ways to remove blackheads from your face, the oatmeal mask can work wonders if used on regular basis. The oatmeal is actually anti-oxidant in nature, it soaks up the excess oil and actually stops the spread of bacteria on the skin which is caused by the pollution and dust. You can mix water and blackhead and then apply on face gently.

Wash Your Makeup


No matter what, never ever sleep with your makeup on your face. If you do so, the makeup on your face can cause the pores to clog and then can cause blackheads to happen. So, make it a point to get rid of any kind of makeup before sleeping.

Honey and Sugar


The honey and sugar mask is a very good mask and quite easy to make at home, well its more of a homemade scrub which can be used as a preventive measure to reduce blackheads at home. You just need to blend a spoon of sugar and good quality honey and then gently scrub it on your face.

Sephora Nose Strip


The Sephora strip is a very effective mask for blackhead removal. The Sephora strips consists of charcoal extracts which are pro in removal of the excess oil and dirt as they have a very good absorption power. It leaves the skin radiant after 15 minutes of applying the mask. You can buy them from any Sephora store.

Take Professional Help


If even after using the homemade methods and good quality products from the market, you are unable to find a way to get rid of blackheads, then it is a good option to consider taking help from a health care practitioner. They can give you some medicines or offer a chemical peel if you want to.

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