What Happens To Your Skin, When You Stop Wearing Makeup. Well, more of good things and less of the bad ones certainly. The first thing that comes to my mind when we talk about the no-makeup look is a natural beauty. Well, there is a way in which you can Stop Wearing Makeup Gradually. Normally, people are concerned about the fact about how to stop wearing makeup and look good. There will numerous Reasons To Not Wear Makeup and the major and the most prominent one is that it will cause you to have Better Skin.

Well, some of us dark circles and acne and other kinds of skin conditions which we are obliged to hide whenever we go outside our homes. Thus, it depends on how you want to carry yourself on the go. Some people are quite cool with their effortless looks and some want to put makeup on to feel confident.

Studies have found that 44% of woman feel good while makeup is on but 56% are happy even without it.

reasons not to put makeup on

Highlights :

  • Well! Saying it loud and clear, women look good both in makeup and no makeup.
  • Both the things have their own pros and cons.
  • Makeup does make you look more confident!

Here are 10 things that happen when you stop wearing makeup.

It gives your skin time to breathe

When you don’t wear makeup ie BB creams or foundations on your skin, then it eventually gives time to your skin to breathe. It helps you to keep your pores opens. When there is no obstruction, the sweat glands are able to flush the toxicity out of the skin in the form of sweat.

It saves you time in the morning

All of you probably know how much time it does take apply makeup. What if you get that amount of time to sleep and probably to have your breakfast. That would be so awesome. Get up, Dress up and just head out.

It will save you money

Good makeup products do cause a bunch of money too and it is always recommended that you do use the good ones only. Well, if you don’t use much makeup, then you won’t even buy it and hence that will save you money.

It will save your skin from infections

Some people unintentionally use bad makeup and thus their skin gets prone to infections. Well, these infections can be avoided through complete abstinence of makeup, or by using primer and one more thing that you should do is to wash your makeup brushes frequently.

You appear completely different when you head up to a party

Wearing no makeup every day makes you more appealing when you are dressed up for occasions. It makes you look different from your everyday look.

No makeup cleaning after a tiring day at work

When you come back home from work or your day out, you just want to sleep and rest but then the thought of taking out your makeup pops up in your mind and you have to put in efforts. When you don’t put on makeup, you just have to wash your face and tadaa you are done.

Your skin won’t look very dry

When you have dry skin, you always tend to get dry patches no matter whatever you put on your skin. Hence, the skin then starts looking patchy. Not wearing makeup will save you from those.

You don’t have to deal with those chemicals

No matter how much organic they claim it to be, there are some amount of chemicals in the products. When you stop putting on makeup, you eventually don’t have to deal with those harmful chemicals.

Lot of companies test their products on animals

Excluding a few, most of the companies test their products on animals which is really hurtful and painful to them. Hence, by not using those products, you save animals from the suffering.

You don’t have to be careful about scratching your face

When you put on makeup, it becomes a little bit of tough for you to touch your face throughout the day and when you are not wearing makeup, the case is vice versa. You can touch your facial skin whenever you want to.

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