After the days of School are over, students try to seek out the Best College for themselves. While they do so, they have many questions on the back of their mind, these questions define their anxiousness regarding the new phase of life they would be entering soon. Life after school is completely unpredictable in many ways. To get rid of this uncertainty, there are some questions the students need answers to.

While some of the questions may be common, the answers are not. The answers always depend on the perspective and expectations of the Students. Listed here are some of the most common subjective questions students have before entering their new chapter of life in College.

1- What can be the best course for me?

Well, this is an obvious question for anyone and everyone. Choosing the best course requires you to know what you want to do and what you expect the results of it to be. However, in most cases, knowing what you want doesn’t always work. One also needs to know what needs to be done to pursue the objective.

The decision of choosing the course is probably the most important question here. Once you choose the course and then start College, you’d be spending nearly 3 years or more studying the subjects related to course, and if you have a change of mind midway, then you stand to lose your money and time at the expense of your change of choice.

2- What would be the right College for me?

This is another important question everyone has. There are a lot of great Colleges present around. But sometimes it is difficult to decide the best one. Or in some cases, the students get out of luck and are not able to secure an admission where they wanted to. Even in such cases, don’t lose hope. There is an abundance of good colleges out there. All you have to do is some good research and ask your relatives or friends.

Only ask the opinions of others to get a perspective, but never take their opinion as the truth. The only true opinion a person gets is from their own perspective, so even if you do ask from others, make sure you are the one making the final choice.

3- What if my Goals and Expectations change in the middle of my College life?

To be very honest, this is an event which has a lot of chances to happen if you don’t think really well. New experiences always change people with time. What your current choices of life are might be based on what you have experienced until now. With new experiences ahead, your interests and expectations might encounter a lot of changes. Which is why people say that a belief is always necessary. New experiences can change your mind and choices, but if you truly believe in yourself and your ability to do something, then you can understand your experiences from entirely new perspectives through which you can make the best use of your knowledge in something productive for your current goals and expectations.

But sometimes even beliefs can be corruptive and lead you somewhere you won’t like to be. In such cases, it is better to do what you feel right and change. Change is always necessary, whether if it’s in what you do or in doing something entirely different.

4- Would I find people with similar interests?

This is one question, the answer of which indirectly depends upon the choices you make for your college and your course. If you make the right choices there, then chances are that you will find people of your interest. Do remember that you can grab a hint of the interests of the students of your college when you take a look at the College Ambience.

Further, the only way you can find more people like you is if you try to express yourself. Never try to make a fake image of yourself, doing that might get you a lot of friends, but deep inside you’d know that none of them share your interests.

If you clearly express your desires in front of people, there is no way you won’t find a group you can be friends with. Being honest is necessary here, but not completely, just up to a level where you could know whether people are willing to communicate with you.

5- How would people feel or think about me?

This is a question most College freshers have, but this is also the one should you try to stay away from. Not because it doesn’t matter what others feel about you, but because you can never know the answer to this. People do tend to judge you on the basis of the first impression you make, hence the quote “First impression is the last impression”. It only applies until they get to know about you.

First impressions have validity only when you meet or see someone or a crowd of people for the first time, they never last long. The more people get to know you, their impressions and feelings about you will change. It’s just a matter of time and expression. The prime example can be seen when you think about how your family treats you, and how your friends and strangers think about you.

There are some noticeable differences regarding your character from the perspective of all the three parties. The first impression you make is what becomes known as your character to the strangers you meet, while your friends and family who know you really well have entirely different opinions about your character compared to the judgment of strangers. How people would feel about you entirely depends on how you express yourself. But even then, the perceptions about you could vary between different people as all of them have different perspectives.

6- How should I make myself look better?

This question is an indirect consequence of the previous question which arises when you think about leaving an impression on other people. This is particularly an objective question just because you can’t impress others with your feelings or beliefs you couldn’t display at the first glance. In order to make someone believe your capabilities, you need to make a good first impression.

Just like how you can’t go into an interview while being shabbily dressed and not having your Resume with you, you can’t hope to impress people and grab attention without showing them what you’re worth.

This is why the need for materialistic things arises. Materialistic qualities like your dressing sense and keeping up with trending fashion could make you look really good and leave a good first impression. Other than that, the ability to socialize well with others only adds up to a great impression of the character. You can have your materialistic qualities designed around your subjective feelings, and make people have an impression of you almost exactly like you want.

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