Twenty things you’ll miss about living with your college friends

Yes I heard about your placement or the college you just got into for higher studies. Congratulations, I know you’re happy but for some reason nostalgic too. Let’s talk about the nostalgia.

1. You’ll miss your comfort zone, the amount of comfort or zero abashment you felt with your roommates. Without any hesitation, you’ll comfortably share your personal space and life with them without feeling any interruption.

2. You’ll miss them hugging you and trying to get you over your shitty day or ex, whoever it might be. You’ll always find them all ears and giving crazy advice about moving on, but most importantly, you’ll be happy and secured knowing that they’re always going to be there for you. I really miss my friend whom I used to tell all about my breakup and for days, she’d take care of me and help me get over. I remember hugging her and crying badly just before my exams, and she never giving me a cold shoulder.

3. You’ll miss the bunch of people looking after all your boyfriend’s actions and ensuring that your little heart doesn’t get broken. They’ll leave no stone unturned to get you out of a shitty relationship and making you see what you deserve.

4. You’ll miss talking about your relationship and your boyfriend to someone. You’ll miss the occasional eye contacts with your crush and then telling all to your roommates all day long, jumping and excited. My friend used to come every alternate day, watching her crush, and she’d be so happy saying that he looked at her today, or they talked. You’ll miss their relationship stories and awkward reactions.

5. You’ll miss the movie marathons you together used to watch at night, eating chips and nuggets, without judging or embarrassment. You’ll miss the scenes which made you cry like idiots or dance like crazy. You’ll miss those moments.

6. You’ll miss someone to take care of extra goods when you run out of it. I always used to forget getting my own pen and thankfully my friend never minded sparing me here.

7. You’ll miss the last moment plans or last moment ditching of plans, just to eat and doze around the room. Me and my roommate used to read a lot, and often ditch other plans for completing the book or telling each other their stories.

8. Having a counselor who won’t get tired of your shit. I remember complaining and crying about my breakup for days, when my roommate used to listen and motivate me with stupid thoughts. She used to make funny stories about him and get me to laugh. She’d say that imagine the day you get a sexy husband, and he gets an ugly, fat and foolish wife, but because he loves her, he is staying with her, just imagine how much your husband and you will laugh seeing them.

9. You’ll miss having the extra bunch of clothes and makeup, which though are theirs, but now yours too. You’ll start sharing a bond of sisterhood more than roomies.

10. Bringing on junk food together. Me and my roommate used to eat a hell lot, and without shame, keep eating more together.

11. You’ll miss someone being embarrassed by your actions but still choosing to stay with you.

12. You’ll miss having someone who’s always up for drinking, in our case, chocolate milkshake. We drank it all the time, from our breakups to hookups.

13. You’ll miss someone giving you crazy beauty tips all day long and someone to perfect your makeup when you can’t. I was immensely passionate about growing my hair to my knees and not just me, but my roommate also used to get me crazy masks for stimulating fast hair growth. Other than that, she taught me how to apply eyeliner.

14. You’ll miss someone motivating you and standing by you even if everyone seems to be against you.

15. You’ll miss having someone to hug you all the time without pushing you away.

16. You’ll miss having someone to go on to crazy little adventures with. Be it sneaking out, bargaining, getting that new dress or trying a new dish.

17. You’ll miss having someone to workout with, even though you used to take one week gap between every two exercise days. You’ll miss someone cheering up for you.

18. You’ll miss having someone to fight and then make up with. We all know that relationships can’t give us this comfort and security of staying.

19. You’ll miss having someone to complain about your college work and teachers with. You’ll miss the gossips and their amazing opinions.

20. Above everything, you’ll miss someone learning life together with, stumbling and falling but holding each other straight. You’ll miss having new experiences together and trying to do what’s best for you all. You’ll miss this non blood family of yours.

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