BANJO is the upcoming movie of Ritesh Deshmukh which is directed by Ravi Jadhav . It is made under the banner of Eros international-Pooja Entertainment Ltd India. It is produced by most capable and reliable, Krishika Lulla and Vashu Bhagnani.

Star cast of Banjo seems perfectly matched with the demand of the script. Leading by the most talented, accurate and the man with perfect timing Riteish Deshmukh, following by Nargis Fakhri and last but not the least Dharmesh Yelande.

Watch – Banjo Movie Trailer

The concept of the movie is attractive. The story is about the journey of a common man who starts from the low end of life and moves towards the peak of popularity and fame through the wings of music. In this movie, as soon as you start watching the trailer, lots of happening takes place.

Riteish Deshmukh As Tarat-a banjo player

Riteish Deshmukh is in a role of a banjo player- Tarat Bhai. He looks absolutely awesome and next to rock star with long hair. It is a completely new avatar of Riteish. It seems he has given more than his 100%  for this movie as it is assumed, this is the dream project for him. As he was waiting for this opportunity for ages. If we believe the advice of critics then they have started appreciating already the performance of Riteish Deshmukh.

You can see the passion of Banjo in the eyes of Tarat while saying a dialogue- Unko ab batane ka waqt aa gaya he, hum banjo wale he, Jab Chahe, Jaha Chahe, hum apna stage khud bana lete hai. The audience is appreciating this avatar of Riteish and expecting to see a very good performance from him.

Beautiful Nargis Fakhri

Nargis Fakhri in the trailer is also looking awesome like always. It seems she is the one who will help Riteish and his band to get popularity and success. In his journey to success, Tarat Bhai is challenged by many rivals who don’t consider Banjo as a good instrument to play on stage.

It’s all about Banjo

“BANJO” is a musical instrument which normally used to support with the voice of the singer. This movie is also trying to promote this musical instrument which is not as popular as other instruments.

Soothing music of banjo

The music of the movie is composed by Vishal-Shekhar. The two fabulous and virtues person in Bollywood. Who has gained their respect in the Bollywood industry with their hardship? The music of the movie is so soothing , that it will intoxicate you and you will feel your presence out of the world. Automatically, it will insist you to dance, to break the floor.

Banjo looks promising to audience

It has not been long the trailer has been out of the “BANJO” movie. The day was 9th of August 2016. Never happened in the history of Bollywood that the movie got so much appreciation on instant basis especially by the critics.

This movie seems to achieve many unfold milestone, which has not even dreamed by many in Bollywood industry. The battlefield has been set. The drums have been drummed. All are set by the team of “Banjo” to create history on the very date of September 23rd, 2016. Make sure you get your tickets book in advanced.

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