Father’s Day History 2019 – What we all celebrate as Father’s Day today is all because of the efforts of Sonora Dodd. She was a daughter of an American Civil War Veteran who took care of her just like a mother would. Father’s Day falls in the month of June! If you want to know the History behind Father’s Day and you are are too fussy about why are we celebrating Father’s Day? Check out below for information regarding Father’s Day History 2019

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The Dates for Father’s Day keep on fluctuating but a very little. The International Father’s day is celebrated in UK, USA as well as in India. So, what day did the father’s day actually start? All of us sure want to know the History of Father’s day. All of us sure should start with the preparations.

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Father’s Day History 2019 : Date and Who is Sonora Dodd

what is the history behind father's day

Check out the Father’s Day History 2019 from here. On the Contemporary basis, Father’s day is celebrated in almost all the countries but on different dates in the similar month of June. Father’s day is hence a day to recognize this love and care and thus should be celebrated with great pomp and show.

It is rightly said that a dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off and lets you try again. That is the way every father teaches his kids to live life and fight with all the obstacles. The things our fathers do for us is truly unmatchable. So let’s come back to the origin of Father’s day. Well, it dates back to many years back and the origin of it can supposedly be taken from two stories at least. The first one suggests that in the year 1910, during a mother’s day church service a person named Sonora Smart Dodd from Washington suggested that even fathers should be honored equally and in the same way just like the love of a mother is celebrated.

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She did this because she had lost her mother when she was 16 and his father who was an American Civil War Veteran had taken care of her and her 5 other siblings. She went and approached the Spokane’s YMCA and asked them to declare a father’s day on June 5 because that day was her father’s birthday whom she loved so much. They proposed an idea of celebrating fathers day on every third Sunday of June instead. The official Father’s day was established in 1972 when President Nixon actually declared the fathers day as an official celebration.

The second story that talks about the Origin of Father’s day are of Grace Golden Clayton who wanted to establish fathers day in lieu of children who had lost their fathers in a mine explosion. The mishap took the lives of around 360 men of the town. She put in front the day so that the kids could have a day to honor and remember their fathers. This happened in 1908 and hence it is believed that the Father’s day was established way before Sonora Smart Dodd had put up the idea or approached the YMCA.

Let us reflect and express some gratitude to our fathers who are care for us more than they care for themselves. It is said that fathers love their daughters more than their sons which is sometimes felt true because every son is a momma’s boy and an every girl daddy’s little princess

Now, that you know the history and origin of father’s day, it’s your duty to wish and impress your daddy on this auspicious day in the best possible way. Get going everyone and

Happy fathers day to everyone out there.

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Father’s Day 2019 

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