Sujoy Ghosh’s second movie in the Kahaani franchise is Kahaani 2. The Kahaani 2 trailer shows Vidya Balan as a woman wanted for kidnapping and murder, and Arjun Rampal as a police officer.

Kahaani 2 Trailer

Kahaani 2 trailer is a little longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds. In that time span, the trailer of Kahaani 2 manages to show a lot and yet leave the viewer asking several questions.

Like, is Durga Rani Singh truly a kidnapper and murderer? Who was she talking to in the opening scene of the Kahaani 2 trailer? Can we believe in her version of the story or is it just a cunning trap for the trusting policeman?

The movie is a great fit in the detective-thriller genre. Like the first Kahaani movie, this too revolves around a mystery.

Kahaani 2 Release Date

The movie will release on 2 December 2016.

In the Kahaani 2 trailer we see in the opening scene that Vidya Balan is talking, frightened, to someone on the phone. Rushing out she is hit by a taxi and goes into a coma. Investigating her case is Arjun Rampal, who comes across her diary. The diary contains all that has happened in herlife, in her own words. Then he surprisingly discovers from the police that she is in fact wanted for kidnapping and murder. However her version of the story is something else.


Reaction to Kahaani 2 Trailer

Audience is loving the Kahaani 2 trailer and are eager to catch the movie on its release.

Sujoy Ghosh in a way reintroduced detective thriller genre in India. Finding a mainstream Bollywood movie in this genre is rare, that too with such good actors.

Evidently a lot of us are definitely going to go for the movie as soon as it is released. Overall the Kahaani 2 trailer viewers’ reactions to it are good. 10/10 would watch the movie!

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