Navratri, one of the most auspicious festival, is here again. As the name depicts, nav means nine and ratri means nights, it is nine nights or ten days festival, in which Hindu deity Durga is worshipped. This festival brings a lot of positive energy. Some people fast for all these nine days and some dance their heart out. But there are few things which every woman do in Navratri. Lets’ find out what our Indian ladies like to do in Navratri.

1. The first and foremost thing that every woman do in Navratri is early bath and then to worship the deity Durga and sing prayers.

2. Fasting is one such thing that not only ladies but every Hindu person do in Navratri may it be for complete nine days or for just two days. It is something which you just can’t separate from Navratri.

3. As fast is inseparable from Navratri, sattvic food is another thing which you will see almost every woman eating in these nine days.

4. These nine days are very auspicious, so cleaning and decoration of the home are must. Women start this even way before the Navratri actual starts.

5. Planting of barley on the very first of Navratri and to the other rituals related to it.

6. To go temple for prayer is the most common practice that every woman do in Navratri.

7. Shopping is something that every lady loves to do and Navratri is a festival which gives them a chance to buy not just one but more than one new dresses. Some women buy nine new dresses, one for each night.

8. How can we forget make-up and jewellery, the best friend of women? With beautiful dresses, shopping of matching jewellery and make-up is something which women do in Navratri.

9. Women make beautiful and colorful rangoli in Navratri.

10. Women just love dancing. Dandiya and Grabha are dance of Navratri. So how can women leave this chance to dance and enjoy?

11. Women love gossips, but these nine days, even they try to control their tongue. As bad talks and back bitching is completely avoided these days.

12. No woman in these nine days cut nails or hair. So women do it just before the Navratri starts.

13. Women organise Navratri party for friends and relatives.

14. Navratri is a festival which brings all the old friends together under one roof. It is the best time for ladies to chill with their friends while worshipping the Goddess.

15. Women play with sindoor on the last day of the Navratri that is Sindoor Khela. It is a way of wishing happy married life to each other.

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