Earth Day Images

The Earth day 2018 falls on the 22nd of April and we celebrate this day to honor our dear mother Earth. As we all know that our dear planet Mother Earth is going through several issues and that is all because of the Global Warming which has been caused by the increment in Industrialization. The … Read more

Earth Day Facts

Earth, a ball of gas-shrouded water and rocks is millions of years old. Being on Earth, we are not really well versed with its unique properties, exhibited on a day to day basis. Apart from being a planet that supports life and beings, it has a range of geophysical things to the beautiful landscapes to … Read more

Earth Day Quotes

Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd of April to commemorate and create awareness about several menaces that are hampering the Earth’s resources.  On this day, people wear green and try to sensitize people on several environmental issues. Besides, this you can find little children with placards in their hands with cute and funny Earth … Read more