We celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April worldwide. This began way back in 1970 when we humans started realising the effect of our activities on earth and its environment. The main reason behind this day is to raise voice for environmental protection and to demonstrate the measures through which we can protect our Mother Earth.

This event is celebrated in more than 193 countries annually. All the countries do something to help this cause in their own way.

  • In Thailand, at world Dhammakaya Center, all monks from different temples gather and promote the world peace and meditate together.
  • In Spain, Fira Per La Terra (fair for the mother earth) takes place where eco-friendly products are promoted.
  • Canadians celebrate it by conducting different environmental awareness programs and seminars at parks, schools and community centers.
  • Monaco celebrates it with the Monaco Earth day swim where people swim in open water in Mediterranean sea to raise money for the environmental cause.

In this way, every country has their own way to celebrate this day by making some efforts towards saving the mother earth. But on a personal level, we always get confused on how we can help our mother earth, but there are many things which you can do on this day and even throughout the year to help the environment.

1. Planting a tree on the earth day is a good way to celebrate it.

2. Go for a home energy audit and see where you can save the water and electricity.

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3. Donate for the cause of environment so that you can contribute in some way.

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4. Joining and the Environmental group would be a nicer way to celebrate this earth day.

5. If you are aware of the environmental problems, do spread the awareness about this to other.

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6. Opting for simple vegetarian food for the day is a good way to show your concern for the earth.

Happy Earth Day

7. You can throw a Party or I would say a green party on environmental themes.

8. Use bicycle rather than a car of a bike as your Green ride and save the environment.

9. Use both sides of paper to save trees

10. Turn off the lights, fans, and Ac when you are going outside the room.

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11. Use LED bulb as it saves electricity

12. A very simple but effective way to save water is turning off the tap when you are brushing your teeth.

13. Buy local products and food items, it saves the energy and amount which spend in bringing these things from farm to your table.

14. Recycle unwanted plastic, and anything that can be recycled.

15. Recycling Aluminum and glass products.

16. Say no to Plastic Bags

17. Use Rechargeable Batteries

18. Pay bills online and it will save paper and ultimately trees

19. Stop using Paper bank statement and save trees

20. The software comes in CD, an unnecessary waste, so download the software and save the environment.

21. Rather than paper tickets, use e-tickets as it will save paper and tree.

22. Use matchsticks over lighter as these are made up of petroleum product and which are nondisposable.

And here are 5 bonus things you can do!!!

  • Turning off the computers at night would be a good practice to save electricity.
  • Junk mail cause load on the system, so deleting it will help to save trees.
  • Recycle and reuse every possible thing.
  • Carpooling is a good way to save fuel and control pollution.
  • Maintain and proper servicing of vehicles can help to control pollution.

Think every day as earth day and celebrate it while doing constant efforts to save our earth. Make this earth day special by changing your habits which cause environmental pollution.

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