Viceroy’s House is an upcoming British-Indian historical drama movie based on the circumstances that happened in Viceroy’s House during the partition of India. This movie reflects how the decisions made in the house affected the people of two nations. The story begins with the appointment of the last Viceroy of India, whose sole purpose was to dispense the freedom to India peacefully. The circumstances took a different way when voices about a separate Muslim country started rising and after a long political battle eventually turned into the birth of Pakistan.

Trailer of Viceroy’s House

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The trailer seems promising in all the department of filmmaking, including acting, cinematography, music, etc. The trailer begins with the arrival of the last viceroy in the house. There is a parallel love track of a house boy, Jeet played by Manish Dayal and a teacher, Aalia played by Huma Qureshi. The viceroy’s family is filled with the great pride as they are executing an act of freedom to a country, but as the trailer progresses; we see the growing hatred between two religions that is hindering the peaceful dispensation of freedom. Further, the trailer shows the painful bifurcation and its repercussion on the large population.

Indians who had watched the trailer must have got a feel of India of 1947 and these nine thoughts must have come up in their minds.

The Great Turmoil That People Have Gone Through During the Partition

People of both the countries, India and Pakistan have gone through violence, mass migration, and many other atrocities during the partition.

It Was a Great Task for a Nation to Stand Up At Its Own

Freedom comes with its part and parcels. To keep a whole country united was an enormous task for both Britishers and Indians. It was a great ordeal for the leaders of both sides.

There Was a Sense of Inequality among Fellow Indians by Religion and Caste

When Lady Edwina says that the people of all faiths will be around in the Viceroy’s House, the people around doesn’t seem happy about it. It suggests that there was a sense of inequality among the Indians on the grounds of caste, colour and creed.

The Difference of Lifestyle between Rulers and Subjects

There is a huge contrast between the lifestyle of the Viceroy and the people of India. The grandeur of Viceroy Palace and the life of a common man show the disparities practised by the colonial rulers.

Partition and Indian Freedom Was Not Easy For Britishers As Well

It took great preparation and many rounds of meeting with Indian people before the freedom and partition. Britishers were also puzzled by the many raising voices.

People Wanted To Get Separated, Britishers Just Helped Them with It

People often blame Britishers for partition, but a large section of the population and their leaders from both countries were seeking for a separate nation which was the primary cause of partition.

Mahatma Gandhi Tried a Lot to Avoid the Partition but To No Avail

Watching the trailer of the movie, people of this country will understand the efforts of Mahatma Gandhi to avoid the partition, which turned futile in front of the adamant behaviour of senior leaders of both India and Pakistan.

Huma Qureshi Is a Brilliant Actress Whose Potential Is Still Need to Be Explored By Filmmakers

Huma Qureshi’s excellent performance is evident in the movie trailer, and we hope she gets more such roles where she can prove the mettle of her acting.

Partition Left Scars on the Soul of People

People who knew each other as friends suddenly turned enemies during partitions. The agony of that painful political event still makes us shudder.

No matter how much time has passed, the poison split during the partition is still in the mind of people of both countries. We share the same culture, same languages and same heritage, but the partition has turned us into enemies. This enmity has caused a lot of harm to both the nations economically, culturally and emotionally. We hope after watching this movie people will understand the circumstances and political aspiration of the few people that lead us to partition.

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