While traveling somewhere in India, before a couple of months, the first thing I did was to pack my DSLR in my baggage before even packing my wardrobe. Travelling for me is to create memories and without some pretty pictures, I am not really satisfied. I happened to click more than 500 pictures of myself alone. Giggle..

I like to photograph anyone before they know what their best angles are

Okay now some serious talks, with knowledge and understanding about your own body anybody can manage to get beautiful pictures of themselves. Below are few tips on How to pose for travel photos?

  1. Wear clothes that you feel most confident in.
  2. A real smile engages the eyes, always smile naturally and try to avoid wide grin.
  3. Get the right makeup to conceal any of your flaws.
  4. Do not use many hair products to avoid frizz and flyaways in a picture.
  5. Do not look straight at the camera, look slightly away from the direct lens.
  6. Try and give whatever expression works best for you.

Now what goes into making an outstanding image while traveling, do not sweat it out we have better solutions every place has its own ambiance and aura to admire, you need to be particular about what you are clicking.

Divide the picture in ⅓

For instance, if you are clicking a beautiful monument or a famous building or maybe yourself always divide the whole sight into three parts. This will help you focus on the main object.

No Flash please

The use of flash is strictly prohibited. It will turn you into a scary monster in your own picture.

Golden hours

Try and wake up early for clicking that beautiful sunrise. You will be more than happy even being a part of it.

Check your backgrounds

You will definitely not like a dustbin or that Do Not Litter signboard behind your picture. So try and take care.

Human Element

Incorporate human elements, make use of people to give your images life and scale.


If you are taking pictures with your friends, try to strike a balance between a picture of them and picture of a place.

Check the postcards rack in your hotel

You can get a better idea of views of city’s landscapes, skyscrapers. This will help you to capture the sense of a place.

Essential qualities

Keep a check on what kinds of emotions a place stirs into you. For eg. clicking a picture in front of a Church or Temple needs you to be equally respectable to your surroundings.

Look for reflections:

They can enhance a photo beautifully.

Be Observant

Always keep your eyes open because good luck plays a very important role in travel photography. Sometimes you happen to stumble upon the scene just at the right moment.

Some awesome places to travel for best photographs are

The Ice Hotel Sweden

The sculptures here change from season to season and it, in my opinion, they are one of the best things you can capture in your life.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

Visit here early in the morning, shopkeepers will be more than happy to pose for you. We absolutely love Turkey don’t we ? Well I happen to personally love this place.

Machu-Picchu, Peru

Here, you can capture stunning images of The Andes, and the ruins. This place is truly going to give your pictures a vintage look.

Copacabana beach, Brazil

This place is a riot of beauty and color. The beaches here can be found nowhere else. Try and take up a candid over here.

Diwali Festival, India

Use your camera to capture the stunning radiance of any city in the country.Ravishing Fireworks on the Diwali Night are an icing on the cake.

In my opinion, No matter where you go, the best way to get that awesome look for your next Whats app display picture are the randoms clicks.

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