1. Titanic

The story of Rose and Jack Dawson is as magnificent as the song ‘My heart will go on…” by Celine Dion.

2. The Notebook

Nothing beats the relentless pursuit of love by Noah. After being separated from Allie, he wrote her 365 letters!

3. A Walk to Remember

This one is unique as it focuses on the beauty of a vulnerable Catholic girl. While others try to be cool, Landon is smitten by Jamie who always wears the same sweater.

4. Letters to Juliet

This is special because of its storyline. A woman tries to unite an elderly couple but ends up falling in love with their barrister grandson.

5. Pretty Woman

It is a tricky romantic story as Vivian, Julia Roberts, is hired as an escort and Richard Gere falls in love with her in spite of their entirely different backgrounds.

6. P.S. I love You

This one is a touching love story which shows how love goes on even after the person dies.

7. The Ugly Truth

This one is the classic romantic comedy where the guy helps a girl get with her crush, but falls in love with her himself.

8. No Strings Attached

This film proves that no matter how much you try to keep it casual, fiery intimacy leads to intense love.

9. Silver Linings Playbook

It is unique as it shows that even if you’re broken, you can still find love.

10. 50 First Dates

It beautifully depicts the relentless dedication of a partner in love. Drew Barrymore has a memory condition, so Adam Sandler takes her on 50 ‘first’ dates.

11. Sleepless in Seattle

It depicts how children can be bring the light when everything feels dark.

12. Love Actually

Set in the festive mood of Christmas, this takes you on a rollercoaster of eight different love stories.

13. Romeo and Juliet 1996

Because it is as beautiful as the one written by Shakespeare himself. What more? Leonardo DiCaprio is in the film.

14. Before Sunrise

This is special because it unites two people from different countries and cultures.

15. Gone with the wind

This shows how love can give you strength and faith amidst disastrous situations.

16. Pride and Prejudice

It strikes our fancy because it shows the love-hate nature of intense romance.

17. Atonement

In this amazing story, a war hero – James McAvoy, and a beautiful Keira Knightley struggle to keep their relationship.

18. Crazy Stupid Love

A film is bound to be entertaining when Ryan Gosling becomes the wing-man.

19. Say Anything

A story where the girl is torn between the expectations of her father and the love of her partner.

20. Before Sunset

It shows how people cross paths for a reason.

21. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Brad Pitt grows up to young from old and fires up romance with her childhood love.

22. Definitely, Maybe

Divorces are common and sad. But when a daughter tries to find a girl for her divorced dad, the scenario changes altogether!

23. If only

It stands out from others as it is a fantasy film, in which, a man gets a chance to relive the moments with his deceased girlfriend.

24. Her

It is a bit bizarre yet interesting story of a lonely man who falls in love with a ‘super-intelligent’ operating system, called Samantha.

25. Carol

Romantic movies talk about a man and a woman. But this one depicts the story of two lesbian lovers who struggle to keep the fire going in their relationship.

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