Hire a Rental Car to Travel On your Terms in Delhi

New Delhi — the capital city of the nation, has always welcomed people from different parts of the country with open arms. With so many students, professionals and daily wage earners from various cities settled here; the Delhi government ensures that they can manage their daily commutes without any hindrance with the city’s efficient transport … Read more

Mahabaleshwar: Overlooking the clouds

When you live in a fast paced city like Pune, one wants to break free every little while; so did I! Walking among the clouds while biting into delicious juicy strawberries is something that I dream about even today, when it has nearly been a month since my weekend getaway. I’m working in Pune, my … Read more

Explore Kochi During Your Quick Weekend Getaway

Welcome to a tiny cluster of peninsulas and islands along the Arabian Sea Bathed in glorious history, nurtured and shaped for over centuries by foreign influences such as the Dutch, Arabs. Chinese, British and Portuguese; welcome to Kochi! Considered to be the biggest city in Kerala, the port city of Kochi is a must-visit for … Read more

Looking for an android phone spyware app? Here’s a comparison between XNSPY and mSpy

Since everyone is glued to their phones, almost all the private information is stored there. With the android phone spyware apps gaining popularity, there is no minding your own business today. These spy apps can be used by the employers to avoid employee fraud; by the parents to keep a tab on their kids; and … Read more

Speak Your Fashion with Shoes

They say a man can often be judged with one look at his footwear choice. That does not mean that you have to waltz around in upscale dress shoes every day for the rest of your life, but an informed way of choosing the right footwear is a good way to create a nice style … Read more