Parents are always right

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When several new voices and unfamiliar strange faces frighten us,When often we hide beneath our beds, fearing the dark moonless night,When helplessness, shatters us and we feel completely alone.There is one melodious voice, always heard, the voice of the familiar heartbeat which has the same rhythm.A rhythm of trust, a rhythm that ensures us that … Read more

Is Consolidated Credit a Good Idea

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If you’re having a whale of a time keeping up with your credit card payments, you need to take serious action to get you back on track. You’ve heard something about debt consolidation but aren’t sure what it entails. So, is consolidated credit a good idea? Let’s take a look. The Situation It’s becoming increasingly … Read more

High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree

Many students decide to go for a college degree after completing the school education. They aspire to get a white-collar job once they finish the college. But, there are others who don’t have a college degree; some cannot afford it, and others simply don’t look forward to it. To not have a college degree must not … Read more