When several new voices and unfamiliar strange faces frighten us,
When often we hide beneath our beds, fearing the dark moonless night,
When helplessness, shatters us and we feel completely alone.
There is one melodious voice, always heard, the voice of the familiar heartbeat which has the same rhythm.
A rhythm of trust, a rhythm that ensures us that we were amidst the right people

Charles Wadsworth accurately said and I quote “By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong”.

Sometimes we point towards something and to our disappointment our parents say NO and we feel that they are wrong, but one thing I can say from my personal experience that they always suggest us the right thing, though in most cases it’s quite probable that we don’t catch the hidden or underlying logic behind their reasons and regret later for our foolish anger and behaviour.

Also as a child grows up he wants to stay independent and considers suggestions and guidelines as interference, but dear friends uncontrolled independence is definitely a monster, something which is dangerous and thus most parents keep control over their children, which is an absolutely a right action by a responsible citizen.

The world always keeps one under the heavy pressure of competition for success, and everyone should be prepared for every circumstance since the very beginning, everyone NEEDS to become productive participants in society in order to survive. This development requires goals and expectations set which have to be setup by our parents in order to work. It’s important to guide a child’s future because no child ever thinks he will ever be 30 or 50…etc. Our vision is limited, and thus this handicap makes it essential that parents create and enforce a sense of direction which CANNOT be said to be wrong under any circumstances.

Parents sacrifice many of their needs and aspirations in order to fulfil the needs of their children, many a times they even kill their necessities so that the child has no difficulty, some may say that parents do everything for the child because they expect something in return when the child grows up and they grow old, but refuse to agree to this as I know as a matter of fact that there is only one thing that parent’s want is a bright and happy future for their child, and even if they do expect care and love at their old age, tell me dear friends is it wrong to expect JUST some love and care after so much that they have done.

Now some may say that Parents are just grown up kids, but my dear friends that is exactly what my point is, parents ARE grown up kids, they have lived our age and seen every aspect of it, and thus know what is the best option under every possible situation, they have the experience which we don’t and thus no matter how much we grow up our parents always remain more experienced.

Ladies and Gentlemen, before I rest my case, I have one simple question to ask

“Can the people, who taught us the very basic difference between Right and wrong, ever be wrong themselves?”

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  1. That is what I am searching for.!!!! Such a great thinking you have!!! I am very happy!!! Amazing!!

  2. It was very helpful n quite touchy as one can realize about the reality n most important thing is u hv given a fare shot…………. sometimes parents can b wrong after all they r human beings bt if one tries to make them realize they will definitely listen n try their best 2 overcome it. Every single child should realize their effort n love

  3. This was very helpful I really liked it, I used some points form this for my speech, every one said it was amazing so am I, but sir do you think ALWAYS is a big word

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