First things first, the most significant thing is to not get stressed up and go on with the course of action I am going to list below. Having an advance plan can work wonders for you. One major factor in deciding what to take along with you is to check the climate of your destination. Here’s how to avoid any vacation holocaust.

It is also important to select clothing items that work well together and can be used interchangeably.

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Summer essentials

Follow on for the no sweat itinerary

Some basic tees

These are extremely comfortable and less of a hustle. They are great for a variety of occasions like concerts, beach walks or a simple night out.

Maxi dresses

Everyone looks skinny in a flowing maxi. It is definitely my favorite. Maxis make you look really pretty and pairing them up with stripy sandals and a pretty braided hairstyle is totally bang on.


Never! I repeat never forget your little black dress and a pair of neon stilettos for a party night out because you gotta whack it out, lady.

Comfortable shorts

Carry a denim short in blue or maybe black color. Trust me on this, they go with almost every color top or tees and are perfect for tropical destinations.

A Tank top and boyfriend jeans

They are in vogue and are travel-friendly too. They are absolutely perfect for casual daytime outings.

Winter essentials

Layering is important because catching a cold is not sexy


If you are heading up to a winterish area, these should be your first priority. You can pair them up with denim jeans, shorts, culottes, trousers and look smashing. They will help you keep warm too.


They are great pals in the snow and shivering climates. The most dazzling kind of overcoats are the cape types. Be warm and look elegant as hell.


For a laid-back understated look, these are beyond compare. You can wear them up for a stroll or just use them to snuggle up in the quilt.

Besides these, some more things you can check by are a pair of really stunning sunglasses, comfortable nightwear, comfortable walking shoes or slippers, your makeup kit, travel perfume, travel umbrella, a headphone splitter and a laundry/lingerie bag with tags.

Apart from your wardrobe, there are certain other essential things you should always keep in your bag

Emergency kit

It is really really important to carry a first aid kit with you no matter where you go. The kit should invariably include a bandage, painkillers, antiseptic liquid, mini-sewing kit, allergy medications and a Paracetamol.

Toiletries bag

We are completely aware that your hotel provides you with everything, still for hygienic means, do not forget your towel, toothbrush, hair care items and curling/straightening irons.

Don’t forget your chargers

Carrying your chargers are really essential when you are away from home.

Travel maps

Please try and purchase a travel map of the city you are traveling to. It really does help.

Time to get wasted buddy !!

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