Check out these eyeglasses frames that will turn you from chashmish to stylish!

There was a time when a weak eye didn’t just put a frame on your eyes, but attracts a lot of sarcasm. Her peer group called a girl wearing specs a Chasmish. Then came a time when people started switching to contact lenses which led ways for laser eye surgery. Well with time trend also changes. In today’s time people with good eyesight are also switching to frames because wearing stylish frames has become a trend.

Wait a minute!! Are you still wearing those boring frames? Come on girls, it’s time to switch to frames with a style quotient. We are listing few frame styles that will turn you from Chashmish to Stylish.

Cat Eye Frames

The Vintage Cat Eye frames are back in trend after hitting the popularity in 50’s and 60’s. The Cat eye frame will add spice to your personality. These are the rounded frames that are wider at the temples. Although it suits to all face shapes, an extra playfulness added when it is worn on a square or diamond-shaped face. It gives you a quirky look with solid color frames. Some of the notable wearers of this trend include Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

Rimmed Rectangular

source: YT / Kick

Remember Jacqueline Fernandez in the movie ‘Kick.’ She is sporting a professional, yet fresh look in her rimmed rectangular frame. This type of frame has its charm.

So, you are in a profession where you can’t afford to wear any frame you want, then this cool frame comes to your rescue. This elegant frame adds substance to your look. Be it a meeting or an interview, a presentation or a first-day orientation in a new company this frame will increase your confidence as you will know that you are looking as intellectual and smart as you are.

Square Frames

This frame was in trend in 70’s. Even in Bollywood hits of the 70’s you can find this trend. Well!! This trend is back to give you a stylish new look.

This frame suits people having a round face.

It sharpens your round features and adds a zing to your personality. While buying this frame, make sure the bottom of the frame should touch just above your cheekbones.

Oversized Round Frames

If you have seen the ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ song video from the movie Hare Krishna Hare Ram, then you must have an idea of oversized round frames. Well, that was a super oversized, you can go for smaller version of that. If you have a square face with angular jaw line, then this type of frame will suit your face. It softens your angular jaw line with a round frame and enhances your style quotient.

Perfectly Round Frames

A perfect round frame was the trend of antiquity. You have seen the famous scientists wearing these glasses in your textbook. Girls!! You don’t know this round frame that Gandhi Ji used to wear can give you a stylish look. This type of frame will smoothen your sharp angular feature. It is best suited for square or heart-shaped faces.

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