Father’s Day is a day when you get a chance to really show your dad that you indeed love him. It’s an opportunity when you can literally bestow him with Father’s Day Gifts and Father’s Day surprises. It is your chance to make him smile and feel wonderful. Hence, do not leave any leaf unturned. We have already talked about International Father’s Day history and how it is celebrated in India, UK, and the US as well.

Hence, now is the time to talk about something that really really will touch our hearts and they are these advertisements that we watch on our televisions. Well, don’t you agree with the fact that these commercials do have an impact on our mind and our heart. Show us a lovey-dovey one and we all will go gaga about it, and if it is a heart wrenching our hearts will probably melt out.

Well, Father’s Day is approaching soon and thus we have curated all those Father’s Day advertisements that have managed to force a gush of emotions in all of us.

Look Up by Vodafone India

Vodafone, the telecom giant make us feel all guilty whenever we see it. It taught us how fake we have become and how double faced we have become. Really, a reality check for people of our generation. In this add, a girl is seen sitting in a cafe deciding which picture to post on Father’s Day and counting her likes. She was celebrating Father’s Day offline but did not talk to her father who was right in front of her.

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Oyo Rooms Father’s Day celebrations

OYO rooms convey the love of a father in quite a humorous way. A person is seen fetching water from the fridge when he gets all surprised and sees his dead father eating sweets sitting on the couch. He then apologizes to his father and conveys his love to him. After he which comes to know that his own son was the one portraying to be his grandfather.

A tribute to “First Hero By Godrej Expert”

This advertisement will take you on a nostalgia trip to your childhood, where it shows how incomplete we are without a father in our life. It shows how fathers are actually the pillars of our life.

Rivaah Brides by Tanishq

It shows how a difficult it is for a father to give up his daughter in marriage. It shows how a father becomes childishly jealous when it comes to clicking pictures alone with his daughter and when he forgets everything just to spend a moment with his daughter. The advertisement will wrench every father’s heart.

Dads who move us by Uber

The advertisement is a realistic one where Uber drivers were called to the city offices and shown the clips of their kids who wanted to give a message to them in the context of Father’s Day. After all, the Uber drivers who drive us here and around are all fathers who live away from their home and family.

Happy Father’s Day by Bombay Dyeing

This is a little advertisement that speaks a thousand of words in just 2 seconds. It talks about how a daughter supports her father even after his divorce from her mother.

Thank you all for giving us these wonderful advertisements that indeed spread a message to the society. We are obliged. Happy Father’s to all.

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