They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beer holder. Lol, it is just a saying. Well, all of us have different preferences and likes and thus some dads are beer lovers. Well, you should always keep in mind that beer is a kind of alcohol and thus should always be taken in moderation. As a tip, you can always take this step before giving the beer snob gift to your dad.

All you have to do is paste a slip on the gift pack that says “ that you really really love him and hence he should take alcohol in moderation.” He will surely understand that this is mandatory and will be impressed by your sincere efforts.

Coming back to the fun part, here are some really cool beer related gifts from Amazon that you can give to your father on Father’s day.

Vintage Robot Corkscrew

Available for a price of $9.99, this robot corkscrew looks funny and amazing at the same time. It is a product that makes life easier by opening almost any bottle of wine or beer in a jiffy. It can also peel off the foil that is attached to it. The robot will definitely quirk up your table as well.

Beer Steel Coasters

Available for $67.92, these drink coasters are Game of Thrones-themed and look elegant and vintage. They will surely earn you a bunch of compliments and everybody will get to know that you are an ardent fan of the Game of Thrones series.

Pineapple Shape Ice Tray

Your drink party is going to be the quirkiest party of the locality because of all these amazing things that you are going to use. This product is made up of non toxic grade food plastic and is priced at only $3.99. 

Cocktail Mixer

Available for $35.00, this cocktail mixer will make your party table look more royal. It helps in mixing in two drinks and thus has a perfect lid attached to it. It is available in the elegant rose gold color.

Drink Cooler

This is a perfect gift and a useful gift as well. This periodic table themed coolie is durable and awesome in every way. It will keep your beverage cooler for a longer time and will also make you look cool when you are carrying the bottle of beer wearing this. You can buy this product from Amazon for a price of $6.99.

Serving Cart in Chrome

If you do not want to create the mess on the table, then you can opt for this serving cart in chrome which comes handy and can be moved from anywhere to everywhere. You can also serve snacks in this cart. You can buy this product from Amazon for $61.26.

Brewing Starter Kit

Is your daddy a fan of crafted beer then you can give him this cool brewing starter kit which will come handy when he wants to make the beer at the comfort of the home. The package contains DVD, recipe book, and various other things that are useful. You can buy it from Amazon for $75.99. 

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