I suffer from a problem of frizzy and dry hair and despite using tons of shampoos and conditioners it ought to remain the same. It was just yesterday that an elder one in my family suggested me to resort to oil my hair at least twice a week. Just after that moment, I headed towards my laptop to commence the best oil research and here I am with a list of options to help myself as well as all of you for making the crown of our head a better place. Rofl.

Scroll down below to the lineup and decide the perfect one for yourself.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Original Oil

It comes with a bunch of essential nutrients infused into it and is available for $48.50 on Amazon. The ever trusted argan, camellia, and maize oil provide utter nutrition to the hair. The best part about it is that it goes for all hair types. The product is lightweight on hair as well.

Dove advanced hair series serum in oil, regenerative nourishment

The product is available in six different sizes and the smallest size costs only $4.44. The oil basically fights brittle ends and frizzy split ends. The unique selling point of this product is that it is a leave-in product and can be worn even if you are going for a day out. You just have to apply it right after you wash your hair by running your fingers around the tips of the hair.

Aveda Dry remedy moisturizing oil for dry and brittle ends

The product is available for $30.40 and is perfect for those who love natural products. This is also a leave-in product and will save you from the menace of dry and lifeless air. Just a few drops of it can bring your back to life making it more shiny and beautiful.

Garnier ultimate blends marvelous glow hair oil

One thing that I definitely like about this product is that it is completely paraben free. The oil is infused with Moroccan argan and camellia oil for replenishment of dull and dead hair. It is available on Amazon for $69.99 for a pack of two. It instantly provides suppleness to the hair.

The body shop Coconut nourishing oil for hair and body


Available for $13.30, it is totally a multi-tasker. The oil is apt for applying on both hair and body as well. The major selling factor about this product is that it is gluten free, paraben free as well as silicone free. Could we ask for more? It is infused with kukui and sweet almond oils for moisturizing the dry lifeless hair.

One thing that should be always kept in mind is to never resort to products that do not suit your health. For example, if you are an asthmatic, it is really difficult to bear the aroma of such oils. So always use accordingly.

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