While I was going through all these stories, I literally went through bouts of chills. In India, the most haunted place is the fort,  Bhangarh. There have been a number of fearful incidents in the place which are definitely spine-tingling. Here is a list of some very haunted places of United States of America which I would not recommend you to visit ever in your life.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Louisville Kentucky

This might seem a like a fictional story to some of you but it has definitely happened in the past. There was a time when the area of Kentucky was suffering from Tuberculosis which had no treatment at all. The fever would often reach to the patient’s brain causing him or her to go mentally challenged. It is a story of surgeries that went all wrong and caused a lot of deaths. It is said that people can still hear freaky echoes and voices.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

Ages ago, a prison in Philadelphia treated it’s inmates differently. The prisoners were kept confined in a closed room all alone bearing the burden of loneliness. In simple words, they were house arrested and eventually suffered from depression. Voices can be still be heard over here.

Pittock Mansion, Portland Oregon

The beautiful home to a couple named Mr. and Mrs. Pittock still smells of beautiful roses which the lady loved the most even when there is no it’s and bits of even plants inside the house. Creeks can be heard after entering the lobby.

The Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco

It was built as an etiquette school for girls in the yesteryears. People say that the headmistress of the school still lingers in her room and there are very common scenes when girls find blankets tucked around them on the bed even the luggage is found kept unpacked on its own. She seems to be quite a protective spirit.

St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

A lighthouse keeper had once fallen down from the building of the lighthouse and had died. This tragic incident was then followed by kids drowning in the ocean while playing in a cart. People say that the kid’s voices can still be heard at night.

Benton Indiana, Stepp cemetery

I found this story quite painful as it revolves around a distraught mother. It is believed that a lady in black attire can be seen moaning and living inside the cemetery itself. She is believed to have dug herself in a corpse alive after her infant’s death.

Nebraska City, Nebraska: seven sisters road

A man hung seven of his daughters as well as his sisters to death on the trees on the streets of Nebraska. People report that their cars break down on the street out of nowhere and besides that horrific screams can be heard at night.

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