I have come across a lot of people who have made up their mind with the fact that hilly stations are a couple’s most romantic getaway. Well, that’s not completely true of course. Everyone has their own fascinations and choices when it comes to planning out for a trip. Personally, I am really not into very wintry places, I love the place where a beach resides. And yes, do not forget to take your DSLR with you or else remember hiring a good photographer for your amazing honeymoon album.

Scroll down below for a list of options to consider.


I am an ardent lover of places with abundant amounts of greenery and Kerala is one of them. The boat rides, living a couple of days in laps of mother nature would be pretty awesome for anybody who is sick and tired of city’s pollution. It is apt as a romantic destination because it’s a very quiet place to be.



Most of you could be thinking of the city to be only reserved for a bachelor’s getaway hey that’s not fair. If you and your better half happen to be thrill lovers, then Goa water rides are preferably the most amazing choice for you. You can also head up for a beachside romantic dinner and have a lot of fun playing on the shores.

Lonavala, Maharashtra

Espace de liberté. Une femme accompagnée de son mari et de ses deux filles d'environ 5 et 8 ans est venue s'entraîner à conduire un scooter sur une piste près du lac de Lonavla, sur le bord duquel nous marchions en famille. Couverte de la tête aux pieds d'un voile et d'une robe noire opaque – de même que ses fillettes – sitôt arrivée elle l'a enlevé – idem pour ses deux filles, et a pris les commandes du scooter. Sur la plaine, qui est en réalité le fond du lac en période de mousson, le deux roues avance poussivement, hoquette, puis gagne en constance et en sérénité. Tour à tour le mari puis les filles prennent la place du passager pour des tours de quelques minutes. Sourires sur tous les visages, surtout celui de la conductrice. En une heure, une dizaine de scooters ont roulé sur la piste de bord de lac, familles, amoureux venus profiter de la vue et de la discrétion du lieu. De la route le long de la colline au chemin près de la retenue d'eau les rôles changent. Les femmes prennent le guidon. #Lonavla #Maharashtra #Inde #India #scooter #Liberty #Woman #family

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For all those who are regular followers of the reality show, big boss would be completely familiar with the name of this city. It’s a quite beautiful hill station 64 km away from the city of Pune. There are a hell lot of places to explore over here which are Duke’s nose, Lonavala Lake, Vanval Dam, shooting camp, Narayani Dham etc.

Coorg, Karnataka

I fetch a very overseas feel from the name of the city itself. The much greenery, forest-covered hills, and lots of adventurous activities. For those couples who simply adore the idea of being in an effing silent place for their honeymoon, Coorg is a nearly perfect option for them. Although, the place has least public transport and poor connectivity to other cities.


Gush around the charming and enchanting tea plantations around the city and feel the aromatic prettiness of the place. It’s a simplistic yet alluring place to spend quality time with your soulmate.

Havelock, Andaman Islands


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I am totally obsessed with beachside places and this is probably the best one to go for. The clear blue waters, the light color sand and the oh so beautiful landscape have looks to die for. This is undoubtedly a great place for honeymooners. Here, you will get to experience the most ravishing time of your life owing to its beauteous destination and water sports.

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