Every year, 14th February is celebrated as the lover’s day all across the globe. Lovers meet, exchange presents, and make romantic gestures on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. You can see everywhere couples walking hand in hand on this very day of romance. But the fact why 14th February is chosen as the day of love and romance is not known to many people.

There is a whole story behind celebrating this day as the lover’s day that we will further discuss in this article.

Valentine’s Day – How It All Began?

The history of Valentine’s Day is associated with the famous St. Valentine, who lived in the third century. In the third century, the Roman Empire was ruled by Emperor Claudius II. He banned the marriages of young people because he believed that unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers, who were worried about what might happen to their wives and children if they died.

At that time, St. Valentine was the priest of a Church in Rome.

St. Valentine believed that it was unfair on the part of Emperor Claudius to separate young people from their lovers and not let them bind together in the holy union of marriage. So, he came forward and stood up for love.

St. Valentine began to arrange marriages for the soldiers in secret before they went off to war. When Emperor Claudius found out about the secret marriages, he locked St. Valentine in jail and sentenced to death.

In prison, St. Valentine fell in love with a blind woman who was a jailer’s daughter.

And on the day of his execution, 14th February, St. Valentine sent that woman a love letter signed as “from your Valentine.” Legends believe that the words in the letter made the blind woman see again, such was the power of St. Valentine’s love.

St. Valentine devoted his life in marrying young couples so that they could be bonded together for the rest of their life.

Emperor Claudius for sure put St. Valentine’s life to an end, but the story of his commitment towards love is still alive in the hearts of people. After his death, St. Valentine was granted sainthood by the Catholic Church, and a feast was organised in his honour. Since then, they chose 14th February as the day of celebration, and it is celebrated all across the world as Valentine’s Day, the day of love.

The purpose of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate and rejoice the love in your life.

It is the day to make your loved ones feel special in an exceptional way and express your heartfelt emotions to them. You can surprise your partner with a lovely gift or card, take them out for a date or can spend some quality time doing Lovey Dovey things together. An occasion like Valentine’s Day gives you an opportunity to get closer to your partner and have the heart to heart conversations to keep up the spark in your life. So, celebrate this day with your loved ones and cherish those lovely moments together. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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