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Why Valentines Day is not only for lovers is a question that comes to everyone’s mind when Valentine Day approaches. Isn’t it always about a couple? Well, the way you think matters over here. The Valentines Day is not only for lovers for sure and that we can say because of the fact that love is a very vast term. We receive this emotion from our parents, friends and some people we are very close to. Valentines Day is somewhat associated with taking and giving love and that we can surely share this emotion with our Mom and Dad.

You would be very excited about 14th Feb and why not, it marks as the day reserved for lovers exclusively but why not bring a change and make your home a better place to live in. I am sure you all must be searching for Valentines day gifts for her and Valentines gifts for him altogether but let’s make a complete revolution this season.

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We all know how much our parents love us, it is us who get wounded and it is them who suffer actually. We too love them equally but never show them, well do not leave a leaf unturned and get ready for some brainstorming for the purpose of making them happy. Me, you and perhaps everybody has this tendency to shout at them whenever they are going through an emotional outburst. So, dude here is the time to bestow immense amount of love and affection towards them.

You can probably celebrate this day with anybody you share this emotion with. For instance, we all know that we have this very interesting relationship with our siblings, we will instigate the hell out of them but never will allow any outsider to utter a single word against them.

I just read something really awesome this morning and would like to share the quote with you all. Here it goes, “ You’re my brother, I miss you when you are away, I hate you when you hurt me, I love you when you are just yourself and I am your sister when you do stupid things. Really is heart touching isn’t it?

valentines day not only for lovers

We also share some love with our grandpas and grandmas and I feel that they deserve our love the most. When people grow old, they often start feeling lonely. Make this day special for them by showering your affection in the form of flowers, gifts, and other lovable gestures. Let me tell you a story here, one of my friend decided to gift his grandmother a montage of her best pictures and a box of chocolate, honestly saying this gesture was a tear-jerking one.

She was so overwhelmed that she decided to make this day special for her grandson every year. The main reason to do all this stuff is to let them know that you really care for them.

Last but not the least, your friends deserve your love too. I am sure your inner circle has always been there for you through your thick and thins. Don’t you think that they also deserve the best of you in every manner. Well go ahead and make them feel so. Let this Valentines day turn out to be one of the finest days of your life. Spread love and get love.

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