According to studies, 85% of small businesses use video as an important marketing tool.

Yet, many of those small businesses don’t have the time or money to invest in video editing software and training.

Without high-quality video content, your small business will be left behind.

But don’t worry. Keep reading to learn how to make video edits using free or low-cost software. You’ll be able to create videos that are both engaging and on-brand for your business.

Use an Inexpensive Editing Program

The most common reason for not making engaging videos is that people spend too much time trying to figure out complicated video editing software like iMovie or Adobe Premier Pro.

While these programs are fantastic for professional videographers, if you’re a small business owner with a limited budget and no experience using video editing software, it’s going to be much easier for you to use an inexpensive program that is designed for the novice.

If at all possible, find a friend who does have some experience with video editing software and ask them to help you edit your videos. There are even free tools that help you crop video online.

Make a Storyboard

One of the best ways to see your ideas come together in the final product is to create a storyboard before beginning any editing work. This will ensure that you have all of your shots lined up and that your final video flows from scene to scene seamlessly.

You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer or artist to create a storyboard. All you need is a computer, some printer paper, and a pencil! Simply print out the pictures of each scene you plan on using and use the top of the page as your guide for arranging them in timeline order.

Once these pieces are arranged, go through and make notes beside each picture regarding sound effects (SFX) and dialogue (if any). Don’t forget background music–to keep costs low, try using royalty-free music at first, then switching over later if your budget allows it.

Record Background Music

There are a lot of things you can do to make your video more enjoyable for viewers. Sometimes all it takes is some good background music.

You don’t need any special equipment or software for this, just be sure that the microphone on your computer is working and simply play whatever song you want in the background as you’re recording yourself speaking over it. This will give your videos a nice polished look and help set the tone for each one.

Use Video Stock Footage

If you want to up the production value of your video without spending too much money, take a look at what video stock footage you have available to you. Hundreds of websites offer royalty-free, high-quality video clips for very cheap prices–especially if you buy them in bulk.

Keep the Editing Simple at First

Whether you’re using Windows Moviemaker or Magix Movie Edit Pro, one thing they both have in common is an easy learning curve. The best way to make edits to these programs is to keep them as simple as possible.

Focus on learning the basics of how to edit video, how to crop videos, and how to make MP4s.

How to Make Video Edits Effortlessly

Learning how to make video edits can be a great way to improve the quality and effectiveness of your content. However, it’s important to understand the basics before you start editing.

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