The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) recently launched an Android Application called mAadhar which aims to eliminate the need for using the Aadhar Card in its physical form. The app allows the users to store their Aadhaar Data on their Smartphone in a digital form. While stored that way, sharing the Aadhar data would get easier through the use of QR codes and Barcodes. Also, locking and unlocking the access to biometric data would be easily done with the app. Read below to know everything about the mAadhaar application:

About the mAadhar App

As of now, the mAadhaar app is only available on Android Smartphones and would be compatible with an Android version from 5.0 Lollipop and above. According to the UIDAI, the app is still in its beta stage, therefore some features might be updated at a later period and there might be some bugs. A user could be able to use the app only if they have their Mobile Number registered with their Aadhaar card, this is necessary for the registration process as it is done through OTP (One Time Password) which is supposed to be received on the registered mobile number. Every action done on the app could be protected through the use of a password, which actually is the first thing a user has to do after installing the app.


The mAadhar app allows the user to store their Aadhaar Profile on their smartphone which would negate the need to carry an Aadhaar card on wallets.

Say, you want to activate a service which requires sharing of your Aadhar Data. Using the mAadhar app, you would be able to share the e-KYC details directly through the smartphone to the service provider via the medium of a QR code, sharing through Bluetooth, NFC or e-mail.

With the mAadhaar app, you can also choose to lock or unlock the access to your biometric data. Locking the biometric data does not allow activation of any new services using biometrics, and unlocking it would allow access to the same.

Things needed to remember

While using the mAaadhar app would be a great way to be able to access and share your data for availing services, there are a few questions over the security of the user information.

The importance of smartphones has increased more than ever these days. A reason being the fact that a smartphone essentially is a storehouse of all the personal data of the user. In such a case, it would be a huge problem if the device gets lost or stolen. To prevent access to your information to unknown people in case your phone gets lost or is stolen, make sure you choose a good password for the mAadhaar app.

The mAadhar App is developed by the Unique Identification Authority Of India (UIDAI) is available under the same developer’s list of applications in the Google Play Store. There are already some fake apps made of the same name “mAadhar”. So users must be careful and check the developer name before downloading the app.

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