National Sunglasses Day 2019 : Date, Logo, Images and How to Celebrate

National Sunglasses Day 2019 – The Shining Armour of the Sunshine, the pretty waves and the cool breeze is calling you at the Beach Side! You are ready with your sunscreen but do not forget the sun gear for the eyes too. Well, Sunglasses do make us look sharp but they also save us from the harmful UV rays of the Sun, to make people aware about the same, The Vision Council celebrates the National Sunglasses Day 2019 on the June 27 annually. Check out the National Sunglasses Day 2019 :Date, Images and How to Celebrate the day from down below.

National Sunglasses Day 2019

Sunglasses are being used since time immemorial now. They make us look fashionable as well as protect our eyes from the harmful rays. Well, Sunglasses, Shades, Goggles, the former has many names attached it. The Sunglasses were also know as Sun Cheaters during the 20th century. Check out more information about the National Sunglasses Day 2019 from down below.

National Sunglasses Day 2019 Date

The Date for the National Sunglasses Day 2019 on the June 27 every year, the inception of which is a unknown. However, the Vision Council has been celebrating the National Sunglasses Day 2019 so as to convince people to wear their Sunglasses when roaming out in the Sun. It is believed that our pupils open really wide when their is high amount of light which is eventually harmful for its well being. You should also check if the Sunglasses our protecting the eyes or not, sometimes the dark glares do not provide protection, so always read the label before buying.

National Sunglasses Day 2019 Logo

The Logo of the National Sunglasses Day 2019 has been pre-decided and is attractive one for sure. It is a colorful banner which has the Sun being in focus. The colors used in the logo are Yellow, Red, Orange that depict the rays of the Sunlight and Blue that depicts the neutralization that sunglasses offer.

National Sunglasses Day 2019 Images

We all know that the Images speak louder than words. There are times when people understand the message in clarity with the help of the images. You can share these wonderful National Sunglasses Day 2019 Images on your social media handles and also through platforms like messages and whats app. You can send these to your friends and family to make them attracted towards wearing sunglases. Check out and download Nationall Sunglasses Day 2019 Images from down below.

” Sunglasses are like eye shadow, they make you look younger and pretty.”

” There is no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses.”

Always choose UV Rays.

” If ever in doubt, wear massive sunglasses.”

” Life is too short to wear boring sunglasses.”

” Repeat after me, ” I need a new pair of sunglasses.”

” Sunshine and Sunglasses, are my favorite accessory.”

” My future is so bright, that I gotta wear sunshades.”

” Your sunglasses show the strength of your soul.”

” My sunglasses are not special, they are a just a limited edition.”

National Sunglasses Day 2019 : How to Celebrate

The National Sunglasses Day 2019 is celebrated in a very easy but a fun way. All of you have to do is wear your favorite sunglasses and let other people know the significance of wearing them whenever they go outside in the Sun. On the occasion of National Sunglasses Day 2019, the Vision Council organizes many kinds of events and also ask other people to share information regarding the National Sunglasses Day 2019. Check out the ways in which you can celebrated National Sunglasses Day 2019 on June 27 from down below.

# Share your picture with hashtag #sunglassesday and tag @bee_bulletin or the @thevisioncouncil on Twitter or Instagram

By sharing your Sunglasses Day 2019 Selfie, you will be able to reach a large amount of people in jiffy. This way, more people will give in more focus to their sunnies.

# Share your posts and Sunglasses Day Images on social media

We all do care about our friends and families hence letting them know about the UV Protection awareness on the occasion of National Sunglasses Day 2019 is our responsibility. Share images and quotes so that they to too think about protecting their eyes by wearing sunglasses.

# Buy sunglasses for the under-privileged

You can also do some charity on the occasion of the National Sunglasses Day 2019. If your pocket allows, donate sunglasses to the underprivileged people you know so that they can also protect their eyes from getting harmed.

Sunglasses and Types of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are defined as glasses for the eyes that are made to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the sunlight and the high energy visible lights. It has been confirmed that UV Rays causes the high risk eye problems and diseases. These origins of the sunglasses date back to the pre-historic ad historic times. The earlier form of Sunglasses were designed as flattened walrus ivory “glasses” which were worn by Inuit people.

The modern form of Sunglasses includes many shapes and colors. They are by called by different names in different regions. The Sunglasses are also used in various platforms like Space, Sports, Swimming Equipment and as fashion accessories. They are also an important aspect in Air Craft Piloting.

Following are the different Types of Sunglasses that you can wear :

# Browline

The Browline Sunglasses are defined shades which have hard plastic. They are inspired from the 20th century design of the Sunglasses.


The Wayfarers were introduced in the year 1952 in which the trapezoidal lenses are wider than their lower side. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing Wayfarers most of the time.

#Wrap Around

The Wrap Around are curved so that they heavily wrap around the face. It has a minimal plastic frame. The Wrap Around Sunglasses were quite famous in the 80’s era.


The Aviators are defined as tear-drop oversized sunglasses which have a very thin metal frame. Their origin dates back to the year 1936 actually for the U.S Military but aviators soon became a fashion accessory.


The Tea Shades are round glass sunglasses that were quite popular in the year 1960’s. They have a thin metal frame and usually have a dark colored lenses.

Different Names for Sunglasses

The sunglasses are called by different names in different countries. Check out below to get rid of the confusion on the occasion of National Sunglasses Day 2019.

  • Glares : It is term for Sunglasses and specs with dark lenses in India.
  • Shades : The Sunglasses are called Shades in North America region.
  • Sunnies : The term Sunnies is a slang used by people of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Goggles : The term goggles is actually not related to sunglasses. These are often as protective wear while swimming or while woodworking, chemical work etc.

National Sunglasses Day 2020

The National Sunglasses Day 2020 will be celebrated on the June 27th with an aim to create awareness about wearing sunglasses so as to protect your eyes against diseases caused by direct effect of the sunlight. You can celebrate National Sunglasses Day 2020 by wearing sunglasses.

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