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Friendship Day History – Every festival has their own depth in history related to it and so does the Friendship Day. If you are keen to know about the relative story about how the Friendship Day came into being then you can simply give a look to this Friendship Day history and important information from below. Do not forget to bestow your friend with lovely cards and gifts according to the Friendship Day Historical Traditions. 

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So, what is Friendship Day all about? Well, you can probably make out from the word itself that it has something to do with your friend brigade. Humans are actually social creatures and they cannot live without a friend in life. People can actually live without relationships but not without there friends at all. They are actually the pillars of our life. Good friends stand by your side no matter where you are in your life. They will be with you through your thick and thins.

Friendship Day 2018 Date and History

Friendship is now celebrated in various parts of the world now but do you know what is the history of this special occasion? Well, it was created by the director of Hallmark Cards as a day to honor the human friendship. It was in the year 1930, that Joyce Hall gave birth to this idea and it has flourished and commercialized so well since then. Later in the year 1998,  Nane Annan, wife of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan made the cartoon character Winnie the Pooh the official ambassador of the Friendship Day. The Friendship Day also originated the Friendship Crusade in the year 1958 which actually inspires friendship among all human beings all over the world.

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It is believed that the Joyce Hall, the Hallmark director brought up this idea for the business purposes, but this day eventually turned up into a day of making your friends feel special. Much credit is given to the internet for the spread of friendship day. People started celebrating and wishing their friends on this day through the means of internet and thus this gave way to the world famous friendship day.

It is rightly said that a single candle can illuminate an entire room but a true friend lights up an entire lifetime, this is all true when you have a friend who literally and genuinely cares for you. Friends are gems and they will love you the way you are. Basically, no strings attached.

Friendship Day Date and History 2018

The Friendship Day is celebrated all over the world in several different ways but the reason everywhere is the same. People on this day buy friendship bands and tie them on their friend’s wrist to mark the sign of their true friendship. Lots of Friendship day themed gifts, cards and bands take over the market way before the friendship day weekend.

The history of friendship day bands dates back to 4th Century BC. It also is related to the thing called Friendship Bracelets which have a very rich tradition behind them. Long back, one friend tied a friendship bracelet to the other and one would make a wish. It had to be worn until it wears off. Only then the wish was said to be fulfilled.

Happy Friendship Day to everyone.

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