Isn’t it strange how we always hear about the family trips or the romantic getaways with the significant other but hear so little about all girls trip?

Even if the girls try and plan to have a trip together either it gets canceled due to improper planning or the safety issue pops up at the last moment. But, if planned wisely a girl can enjoy the fantastic trip with her besties and have the time of her life. The famous travel writer Tim Cahill said, “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles” and we couldn’t agree more.

So, here are the few significant things you must keep in mind while planning a girl’s trip to make the most of it.

Pick the destination and date that suits everyone

The first and foremost step of planning a trip is to decide the destination you want to head towards, the dates, and the exact duration of the trip. Make sure everyone agrees to the destination chosen for the trip. Once the planning is over, book the tickets in advance to ensure the availability of reservation for the decided dates. If you are planning an international trip, keep in mind everyone’s passport is ready and valid, and make the visa arrangements accordingly. Also, check the weather conditions of the destination because the extreme climate can ruin your trip. So, make sure the climate of the place you are heading to is favorable during your stay.

Agree on a budget affordable to all

Another important factor to consider is the budget management. It is possible that out of all the people going on a trip, some may afford to stay in an elite 5-star resort while others just have to satisfy by availing a hotel with basic facilities. It is necessary to take a middle way and zeroed on the budget affordable for all. So, book the flights and hotels within the pre-decided budget for the smooth execution of the trip.

Get familiar with your traveling partners

When you are going for an all girls trip, there are going to be your friends whom you have known since childhood and your friend’s friend whom you have hardly met at few occasions. So, it is necessary to break the ice between the traveling partners, for that you can go for lunch or try having a few cocktails just to spend some time together and to know each other well before heading for a trip. Bonding with the traveling partners will increase the amount of fun you are going to have on your trip.

Plan the activities, keeping everyone in mind

You need to plan the activities in advance that you are going to have on your trip. Ask all your trip partners about their interest and plan accordingly. There could be some in the group who loves to try their hand on adventure activities and then there would be others who would love to spend some leisure time on beaches and exotic places. So, plan something interesting for everyone considering the opportunities available at the destination to make the most out of this trip.

Never compromise on safety

Safety is the primary concern in an all girls trip. For avoiding any unfavorable situation, everyone needs to follow some safety measures. Firstly, you need to check if the hotel you are booking is in the safe vicinity. Secondly, if you are planning to book a cab for roaming around the city gather all the information about the vehicle and driver. Last, but not the least keep your family members contact in speed dials and keep them aware of your whereabouts.

So finally your girl trip will be a great success!!

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