After the fun-filled and the lovely rose day comes another exciting day in the row called Propose Day. The word ‘Propose’ fills our hearts with enthusiasm and joy. Propose Day is an excellent opportunity to propose the person you have been crushing on for a long time or your lover to take your relationship to the next level. And if you get lucky, you will hear a yes from the other side, which will eventually make your day. To propose someone is not a big deal, but the way you do it makes a world of difference. You need to do it in a very innovative and fascinating way so that the other person could say nothing but yes to your proposal. So here we will discuss some of the finest ways to propose someone and cherish that moment for the rest of your life.

Choose an Exceptional Place

To propose your crush or lover choose a prominent place that holds significance to both of you. Like the place where you guys met first, or where you have spent the best phase of your relationship. Bend down on one knee and tell her how much you adore her and want to make her yours forever. She would be all smiles with teary-eyed and nod her head into a yes.

At a Candle Light Dinner

No setting is perfect to propose than a restaurant with romantic aura and lovely background music. Candle light dinner, sparkling champagne and violin playing exotic music, this setting set up the perfect atmosphere to convey your profound and heartfelt emotions. Either hide a ring in the champagne glass or propose with a sober rose, you will surely get a happy yes from your favorite girl. Later, you can enjoy the evening with yummy delicacies and excellent wine.

Amaze Her with a Wonderful Surprise

Get something that your lover or crush would absolutely love and then surprise her with the question “Will You?” along with it. It would be one of the best surprises she gets in her entire life. She will be thrilled at the surprise and reciprocate the same feelings. But make sure the person you are going to surprise takes it in a healthy way. Because some people are not good at taking surprises, they come under the pressure, which could ruin the situation. Consider these minor yet crucial things beforehand to make the situation favorable.

On A Radio Show

If you are the guy who has the guts to propose your girl in front of thousands of people, then doing it on a live radio show is the best option ever. Just inform her in advance to tune in the station you are going to make a proposal at without letting her know about it. Along with a sweet message dedicate one of her favorite songs. Afterward, make a call to know her answer, and she will undoubtedly say “Yes.”

Through A Love Note

Proposing through a love note has an age old charm, but it works almost all the time. Pass on a cute proposal note to your girl while sitting in a park or at a coffee lounge. Make sure you choose the right, wise and innovative words in the note that gets you a yes from your girl.

So, choose from the ways above-mentioned that suit you the best and get ready to hear a yes on the propose day!!

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