So, Valentines day is tomorrow, no time left at all right. Most of you must have bought gifts and cards for your significant other well in advance. It’s the last minute now, but we have found something absolutely honest and on the face card selection option for you, and guess the very famous Youtuber Lilly Singh introduced them in such a quirky way to us. To find out how she did it, you need to check out her video about the Cut the crap cards.

How many of you are going through obstacles in your relationship?. I guess, most of you are. Frankly, having problems with your partner does not mean that you don’t love them, it means that these are small and little expectations that aren’t being fulfilled.

Besides this, these cards are also made for people who aren’t so much serious in their relationship. The third way that these cards can come into effect is when you want something from your partner or perhaps you want to change some of the other things in them.

The most promising reason for sending a cut the crap card to your BAE is the fact that you don’t like cheesy and corny love cards.

The cut the crap cards are quite funny and hilarious too. You must have seen in the video that how fast people come with insights for the cards.

Well, there is one thing that you should definitely keep in mind before sending any kind of cut the crap card. If the receiver is sensitive towards such kind of jokes, then it will cause cracks in the relationship.

Therefore, take care of your person’s feeling before any kind of cards like these. You should probably respect what they really are.

The cut the crap cards are also about being realistic in your relationship. You all must have heard people saying that they will climb mountains for their love or they will bring the Moon and the stars as a gift for their Valentines but as you all can see these are mere impractical promises, hence these cut the crap cards come handy when you are more open and frank as well honest and practical in your relationship.

You never know how this quality of yours might impress them.

PS: How many of you wish there really were such cards for valentines day?

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