Propose Day 2023 it is today! But how to propose a boy on Propose Day is what something that everyone wants to know. Everyone knows how to make propose day lines for girlfriend but its not easy task for a girl to do that. We have curated here happy propose day wishes, images along with special status for video download. These Images can be used for sending happy propose day images for husband and propose day images for boyfriend. The Happy Propose Day is the second day out of all the days of the Valentine Week. 

Propose Day 2023 Celebration is a bit of a task for anyone who is planning to approach their crush and take the next step. The Rose Day 2023, Kiss Day 2023, Chocolate Day 2023 can only be celebrated when you get an affirmative from your aspiration. The Valentine Week List 2023 is a week filled with excitement which can can only celebrated and enjoyed if the Propose Day 2023 goes the right way.

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Propose day 2023 falls on Friday, 8th February 2023 and counts as the second day of the Valentine Week. On this day, across the world, people propose to their girlfriend or boyfriend by giving a rose or a ring or such tokens of love.

Love these penguins? Well, these cute ” Propose Day 2023 Images”  will help you in impressing them as well. The Propose Day 2023 is like a D-Day, on this day you get to know about what was the result of your efforts done on Rose Day 2023 and that on Chocolate Day 2023. The Propose Day decides if you are going to celebrate the Valentine Week 2023 with them or not. After all the hustle and bustle during the Rose Day 2023, Chocolate Day 2023 and Propose Day 2023 and of course the Promise Day comes the Kiss Day 2023 and Hug Day which are indeed relaxing for the mind.

Propose Day 2023

Propose Day 2023

The Propose Day 2023 is a very tough time for people who are nervous to express their feelings to their crush and that is why it is very important to be prepared well in advance. See, the penguins above? Aren’t they so cute? Do you also want to be the cutest couple in the world. Well, for that the very first step would be to propose them on Propose Day 2023. Just saying Happy Rose Day in Valentine Day 2023 wont work, you can either use the Happy Propose Day Images from below or try to propose them while confronting them.

On the occasion of Propose Day 2023, it is tradition to exchange romantic quotes and messages. If you are in love and want to swoon your lady love or the man of your dreams, then trust me, there is no better day than today to do it.

Confused on how to propose your sweetheart? Well, we are here with some marvelous and creative ideas on how to propose a woman. 

Nothing is better than living every day of your life with the one you love immensely. But before that, you need the person to know about your feelings. Here are some really cute and romantic quotes, wishes, SMS and Whatsapp status for propose day. Use them to express your love to your boyfriend or girlfriend, and thank me later. 😉

Propose Day 2023 Best Ideas

propose day 2023 valentine week list

The best idea to propose a girl is to give her something she loves the most. For instance, if the girl loves dogs then you can simply get her one cute little puppy and surprise her all of a sudden. This might prove as a positive point for you and you never you the answer might be in affirmative.

Promises are made in heaven:  Check out Beautiful Promise Day Images from here.

Propose Day 2023 Quotes

Wouldn’t It be a perfect crime If I stole your heart and you stole mine?

Propose Day 2023

Happy Propose Day Images Download

With no big dreams in my eyes, I just want to say that I care, Let you feel the love of the world, And promise you to be right there! Happy Propose Day!

Happy Propose Day

Happy Propose Day Images Download

Did you know they changed the alphabet? They put U and me together. Happy Propose Day Beautiful.

Happy Propose Day 2023

Happy Propose Day Images Download

From the moment I heard the first love story, I started looking for you. Even I don’t know how blind I was for you. But its also very true that real lovers finally meet somewhere. Wish you a Happy Propose Day!

Propose Day Quotes

Happy Propose Day Images Download

I don’t wanna fall in love but grow old in love with you.With every beat of my heart, I will love you more and more, after years of togetherness, this is the solemn vow for you, my love.

Propose Day Wishes

Happy Propose Day Images Download

When I follow my heart, it leads me to you.

Propose Day SMS

Happy Propose Day Images Download

Love is to see someone even with closed eyes, love is to find someone in every thought, love is to live for someone in every moment, please let that someone always be me. Happy Propose Day My Love.

Propose Day Whatsapp status

Happy Propose Day Images Download

Because of you I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, smile a lot more.

Propose Day

Happy Propose Day Images Download

Forever is not today, not tomorrow or a century that will come, but a lifetime. and I promise to love you forever. Happy Propose Day!

Propose Day

Happy Propose Day Images Download

Your hand fits in mine just like it is made for you.

Propose Day

Happy Propose Day Images Download

Propose Day Quotes 2023

If you love somebody and want to be in a loyal and honest relationship with them, you definitely need to convey your feelings to them well in advance.

Forget the butterflies 🦋, I feel the whole zoo when I am with you.

My feelings for you have only grown stronger since the day we first met. I want to seal our bond forever today. Happy Propose Day! 💍

I wish I was one of your tears, so I could be born in your eye, run down your cheek, and die on your lips. 💋

I am opening an emotional bank account for you sweetheart, So deposit your love in it and you will get the interest 💌, Happy Propose Day babe.

Come live in my heart 💓 and I’ll not charge a penny for you. Happy Propose Day.

Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty and loving you is my life. 🤗

You are my answered prayer 🙏, my fulfilled wish, my realized dream. Will you marry me?

Sometimes I wonder what love is fighting for, but then I remember your face and I am ready for war. 💑

Propose Day SMS and Whatsapp Status

Your proposal should be extraordinary to obviously impress her and make it the most memorable day of her life as well. Here are some really awesome propose day quotes for girlfriend or boyfriend. Well, you can also propose your husband with an adorable proposal quote for your husband to get into that feel all over again.


My heart is your heart it doesn’t beat when we’re apart! Happy Propose Day!


No poems no fancy words I just want the world to know that I LOVE YOU my Princess with all my heart. Happy Propose Day!


I only want two things in this world, you and I want us.


I love our story, sure it’s messy, but its the story that got us here.


The first time I saw you my heart whispered that’s the one.


You are my favourite place to go when my heart searches for peace.


Let it be the day, let it be night, I will be there with you, no matter how many times we fight.


Propose Day 2023 | Should you Propose a friend ?

Propose Day 2023 Valentine Week

Umm, Voila the penguin says that answer to this question totally varies and depends on situation to situation. Should you propose or should you not.. has a variable answer for each and every person out there. Let us take two cases for instance!

Case 1

If you have a crush on your best friend and you are confused about what to do then let me tell you that it is the high time that you let your dear friend know about your feelings. See, if you love your friend and do not let them know then you are really lying to yourself and to them as well. In the long run, it will only deteriorate your relationship with them. So, no matter if it is a yes or now, just tell them straightaway.

Case 2 | Confessed but they broke the friendship!

So, you have confessed about your feelings and the moment you told them, they just broke the friendship too. That’s hurtful, but the truth. If after listening to you, they left you alone, then they are not your true friends.

And if they are indeed your friend, they are going to stand by you as friends even if they dont love you back. That’s the beauty of friendship.

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