The Raksha Bandhan in India is celebrated with utmost pomp and show. There are colorful shops and attractive sweets and Rakhis no matter where you go. There is hullabaloo everywhere. The date of the auspicious Raksha Bandhan festival is on a weekend this time and that is why its time to rejoice for everyone.

The Rakhi in India is considered quite significant and has a very rich history attached to it thus. You can check the Spiritual Significance of Raksha Bandhan out from here.

Brothers and Sisters on Rakhi make sure that they bring a smile on each other’s face and that is why everyone is so excited about the festival. But there are a certain set of rituals and traditions. The customs are very important to follow as we learn a lot from these. Well, gifts are also an important part of the festival and that is what the sisters are extremely excited about. You can check out the Rakhi Gifts for your sister from here.  The festival brings with it happiness galore and this is a sister’s favorite occasion. How to perform Raksha Bandhan according to traditions and customs is probably something that you would want to know and execute, hence we have curated the list of some of the rituals that are mandatory to follow.


Raksha Bandhan Traditions

The Rangoli is already auspicious according to the Hindu traditions because of the fact that it is effective in repelling negative energies out of our homes. The Rangoli is made on the occasion of Diwali all over India as well. Rangoli making is a spiritual custom that is thus followed on the festival of Rakhi also.


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Fasting is another significant aspect of the Hindu tradition and is one of the most spiritual factor that one can do. Sisters fast on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan to ensure their brothers’s long life and prosperity. It also makes one feel more spiritual.

Rakhi Thali

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The Rakhi Thali is an utmost important part of the festival and consists of the following things. All of those things have an significance which are listed below.

Roli Tika : The Roli Tika is the red color powder that is put on the forehead of the brother, it is called the Kumkum. It is put on the forehead between the eyebrows to motivate spiritual thought.

Chawal : The Chawal ie Rice is put on forehead because it is a spot to invoke your inner self. Most of the time the rice and roli are put together.

Betelnut : The betelnuts are also kept on the Rakhi plate as they ensure auspiciousness.

Diya : The Diya is also lit because the cotton wick in the Diya represents the soul and the oil represents the five bad elements that need to be warded off from our life.

Sweets : Sweets are also kept on the Thali to ensure sweetness in the relationship of the brother and sister.


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Arti is defined as the way of moving the plate in the circular manner to ward off evil forces away from your brother.

Rakhi Tying

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The tying of Rakhi is the most important criteria of the festival of course. It is tied on wrist of the brother on the pretext of protecting them from the evil forces and to bless them  with happiness and success. The Rakhi is tied on the wrist of the right hand.

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