Things We Don’t Like about Holi

Holi- the multi-ethnic festival is around the corner, but for some “Holi hai” equates to “Tabhai hai” day. Thanks to our pals, who drop at our houses, pull us from our space and deck us with those cringy colors which are just not done. And then that isn’t enough they will drain you with those … Read more

Cinco De Mayo 2019

Cinco De Mayo 2019 is the annual celebration of Mexican Victory over French Army celebrated on the May 5 every year. Scroll below to the detailed Cinco De May Guide which comprises of Cinco De Mayo History, Cinco De Mayo Food and a brief history about why Cinco De Mayo is celebrated. Although sometime,  Cinco De … Read more

6 Tips for Training a Fearful Dog

Pups are a blessing in disguise, they are quiet, mellow and gives an extra reason to be happy. There is a tendency for some dogs to be shy and insecure in their surroundings. Which is why they take a good amount of time to mingle and mix up with you. They don’t really participate in … Read more

Earth Day Facts

Earth, a ball of gas-shrouded water and rocks is millions of years old. Being on Earth, we are not really well versed with its unique properties, exhibited on a day to day basis. Apart from being a planet that supports life and beings, it has a range of geophysical things to the beautiful landscapes to … Read more

Beyonce’s performance at Coachella

Saturday Night was rocked with Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, headlining Beyonce’s absorbing, power-packed and brazenly tuning performance. The long anticipating performance of Beyonce Knowles left the audiences much gobsmacked, as the waiting was stretched since the Grammys. Headlining as the first ever Black woman to reign the stage, she paid hostage to the … Read more