Taher Shah is a businessman turned singer cum composer of Pakistan. This artist enjoys a huge fan following in India and Pakistan. Right from the release of his first song Eye To Eye, he became a sensation among twitteratti and Internet lovers. So far, the song has got more than 3.5 lakh views on Youtube.

After a mild success of the first song, Taher Shah came back with another song Angel

In the video, Taher Shah is shown walking in a lush green garden, wearing a purple robe and a crown on his head. This video went viral overnight, and it received 14 lakh views on YouTube. His purple robe became the talk of the town and received hilarious comments by twitteratti. This album proved that whether you love him or loathe him but you cannot ignore Taher Shah.

But hold on guys!!

Taher Shah, Mermaid

This time Taher Shah has done a legendary deed. As per reports he is coming back with his new song titled ‘Mermaid’ where he, himself will be seen posing as a mermaid.

The news blew out like a wildfire, Twitteratti came into action just after the news broke on the Internet about the aquatic venture of Taher Shah.

One could feel the rush of excitement in the veins of Internet lover after the unofficial announcement of the album. Some of them called it a Pakistani surgical strike on India.

Some Twitter user wrote that boycotting Taher Shah would be the most difficult thing amongst all the Pakistani actors.

Bollywood’s Reactions On Taher Shah

Nobody could save himself or herself from the Taher Shah wave, and Bollywood is no different. When the second album of Taher Shah hit the market, it got the humongous reaction from Bollywood celebrities. On the release of the Angel song, Twinkle Khanna tweeted, Pakistan doesn’t need nuclear weapons they can just drop this purple bomb on us. #TaherShah

Celebrity photographer Atul Kasbekar tweeted, I suspect that #TaherShah is just taking a piss on the musical universe.

But wait! That’s not the end; actor Ranbir Singh did a dubsmash on the first song of Taher Shah i.e. eye to eye. He also tweeted; I may never be able to outdo it… But I can at least try 🙂 only for you @iHritik cuz I luv ya! #eyetoeye

Varun Dhawan tried to perform a jig in Kapil Sharma show during the promotion of his film, Dishoom. Varun appeared in a purple robe wearing a crown on his head. The video went viral on the Internet. When Taher Shah found that Varun Dhawan tried to imitate and made fun of him, he got upset. When the channel asked for the permission of playing the song in the episode, his manager denied the permission.

This Christmas You Will Receive A Gift From Taher Shah

The producer planned to release the song on the 25th of December 2016, which is the birthday of Qaid-e-Azam of Pakistan. All the fans of both countries are waiting for the album to release. Fun lover twitteratti are sharpening their tools, as Taher Shah video is about to release and ready to go viral. Interestingly, his video got both appreciation and criticism in Pakistani media. You can view Taher Shah’s

Will Taher Shah really come up with Mermaid, or is it just a fun news? Taher Shah will only be able to confirm that!

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