Gifting chocolates and flowers have become so old school for now. We all are so done with soft toys too. It’s high time that guys look for something that is totally out of the box and atypical as well. Just imagine, the amount of happiness she would feel on seeing that unusual surprise of yours. Eventually more love!!

Here is a line up of some adorable Christmas gifts for your girlfriend.

A spa kit

Working girls would be more than happy to get such box. Let her minimize her trips to the salon. Show her that you really care by gifting such set to her. It is available as an electric for more comfortability for $29.97 on Amazon.

Moonlight Cushion

Do you want her to think about you every night before she goes to sleep and perhaps you also want to light up her life? I would love to have a lighted up soft cushion by my side totally. This is furry as well as soft and comes with a remote control. It is available for Rs. 1457 on

Eye Pillow

Does she become all cranky as soon after she returns to home from office, not to worry you can help her by gifting her a hot and cold eye pillow? She will be extremely happy with this gesture of yours and will trust the fact that you really care for her. This pillow is a complete relaxation therapy for the eyes. Available at Amazon for $10.95.

Jewellery Tree by Menu

Is your girlfriend all messy with handling her stuff and unfortunately does not get much time to clean it up all? Let her have this beautiful jewelry storage showpiece which helps her also decorate her home. This product is available for Rs.3547 at

Makeup brush kit cleaner kit

Makeup is every woman’s essential and it is also our duty to keep it clean and fresh so as to avoid any harm to your skin. It becomes very inconvenient for anybody out there to wash them with hands hence, here is a high-end solution to your problems. Available for $27.79 at Amazon. Gift it to your girlfriend and save her precious time and efforts.


Is she still a child from the heart ? does she always like looking cute? Gift her an adorable onesie for this Christmas and look in those angelic eyes with love. I would advise you to buy one for yourself too.


No girl will be upset over getting a makeup product in the form of a gift from her boyfriend. Cmon guys, pull up your socks and try to know which brand does she wear, research about it thoroughly and buy the stuff without letting her know. Yayy!

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