Makeup tips are numerous but one major thing that no one talks about is the Top 10 Makeup Mistakes. Well, they are so common that we all do it but do not realize these things. Most of the mistakes are done while doing eye makeups. People who are not professionally trained or do not know how to apply eye makeup make common mistakes like applying eyeliner unevenly or coloring the eyelid the wrong way. Well, when celebrity makeup mistakes are seen, it becomes a very big matter for everyone.

Did know you that some of the makeup mistakes we make that age the skin are done by us on a regular basis and we should thus avoid them at all costs. But before that, we should probably know that what are the common makeup mistakes and after then we should look for ways to fix them.

A woman named Theresa Lynch from Sydney revealed that concretions of mascara had formed on the inside of her eyelids which posed serious threats to her eyesight. It took a 90-minute operation to remove them and all this happened of her bad habit of not removing her makeup before going to bed.

Here are 10 mistakes to avoid while applying makeup and also after that.

Using the lighter shade of concealer

makeup mistakes to avoid

For all of us who have the issue of dark circles and hyperpigmentations, concealer is one thing that comes in handy. But using the wrong one is actually something that is going to hamper your look and will make you look like a raccoon.

Using a nude lip color that is too pale for your skin color

makeup mistakes to avoid

The nude lip color trend has been a trend for a long time now and all of us have a couple of Kylie inspired lip colors like these. Well, everything is alright until you apply a lip color which is heck lighter even than your color and probably looks like foundation on the skin.

Using the wrong type of foundation

makeup mistakes

Did you know that using the wrong shade of foundation on your face can make you look like a complete makeup blunder? This is the most common mistake done. People buy foundations very lighter than their own colors to look fairer and thus then look odd.

Applying nail paint on the already applied one

makeup mistakes

Imagine you are going to a party and you want to put some nail paint to oomph up your look but oh you do not have the nail paint right now to remove the existing one and you anyway apply red color over the green one and there you see a really horrible color formed on your nail. Thus, never try to apply a color over the other.

Not cleaning foundation or compact powder from your eyelashes

makeup mistakes

We sometimes neglect those little sprinkles of foundations and eyeshadow powders that go and rest upon our eyelashes making them look quite weird. So, even if you are in a hurry remember to apply mascara over them or for removing the powders before heading out.

Applying foundation on particular parts of the face

makeup tips

You must have heard that you should apply foundation over the neck too when applying a foundation but there is also one more thing that you should keep in mind and that is applying it all over your face rather than just particular points because that makes the color of your face look uneven.

Not applying the lip liner and lip color in the same shade

makeup mistakes

Seriously, putting on a dark lip liner with your lip shade belongs 20-30 decades ago. Hence, go with the trends and apply both the things in the same shade to make your lips fuller.

Not applying moisturizer before foundation

makeup mistakes

Well, if you have dry skin then you must be familiar with those dry patches that it leaves on the skin and thus when you apply foundation, it looks cakey and unappealing to the eye. Hence, always remember to prepare up your face with moisturizer first.

Drawing heavy lines on the eyebrow

makeup mistakes

We know how much you want your eyebrows to look fuller but do not draw heavy lines on your eyebrows because then it will make your eyebrows look really weird. What you can do is opt for an eyebrow pencil shade that is lighter than your hair color and then takes an eyebrow brush and swirls it upwards, this will make an illusion of a fuller brow.

Applying matte lipstick on chapped lips

makeup mistakes to avoid

Never ever apply the matte lip color on chapped or dry lips because it is going to worsen your problem. Always apply some vaseline or a moisturizer before applying a lip color.

Over Powdering your face

makeup mistakes

You should definitely apply compact powder on your face but do not go over the top with it. Just a little bit of brush off on the skin would be sufficient.

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