Whether you are planning to be Santa for your kids or just want to express your affection towards your loved ones, gifts are the perfect way to achieve that. Owing to our overly stressed and jam-packed schedules, we are very confused on what options to go for. Do not panic, I have curated some out of the box gift ideas for the Christmas 2021.

I remember how my Dad used to fetch several candies and gifts for us both and keep them inside the stockings while we were sleeping at night and then he would pretend that it was Santa behind all the gifting. We gradually came to know about the fact after we grew into teens. Haha! I assume this is a story of every household.

Some of the Avante-Garde ideas are henced mentioned below.

Unicorn Slippers

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Go unconventional and gift the women in your life a very beautiful pair of slippers shaped like Unicorn. These are super comfortable as well as funky. The receiver will be more than happy to have such adorable stuff. These are available here.

Mermaid blankets

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Is your daughter an ardent fan of the little mermaid? Does she always think about how to be a cute little part of the marine life? Then my dear friend, surprise her with a mermaid blanket. She will be overwhelmed with her new bought tail. She will totally fall in love with it in this winter season. Buy here.

Ostrich Pillow

For every daughter who wants her father to take a quick nap in the office but with complete comfortability can opt for this one. Haha! I just had a good laugh at the first sight of this product but honestly, this is one thing that everybody should definitely have. Buy here.

Pill Organizer

Are you very angry with your Mumma for not having medicine on time? Or do you always forget to have one while you are on the go? No worries, here is the best gift for all those who are always oblivious about such things and guess what it comes with a handy water ball too. Buy here.

The Dumbbell Water Bottle

Is your little brother a gym freak like mine is, gift him a quirky water bottle shaped like a dumbbell and earn brownie points for thinking out of the box and so uniquely. It is available for here.

The Magic Towels

Here is a super unconventional gift for your travel freak friend or sibling. We know how hard it is to pack all things and keep the luggage as light as possible. Help them out with a magic towel that can inflate when put inside water and guess what it is reusable. Buy here.

Wearable nail polish holder

You, me or perhaps we all have been there, we are all often confronted with certain mishaps while applying nail paints. Help your sister or maybe your girlfriend out of the mess. Put your nail paint inside the holder and just start with the application. Buy here.

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