10 Things Your Mommy Wants You to Do This Mother’s Day 2023: Following Safety Rules to Eating Healthy all that your mom wants you to do is to take care for yourself. Hence, to honor this love and affection, we on the occasion of Mother’s Day want you to read and follow all these things that every mommy on in this world want from their kids.

So, are you ready with the Mothers Day Gifts for your mommy? Mommies are love, they are living angels on Earth. They are those beings in the world whom we cannot live without or even imagine life without. They are our personal google search too. There is nothing that a mom cant find and you too probably agree to it. Well, if you sit explaining about a mom’s sacrifices and qualities, it is probably going to turn into giant lists with a bunch of listicles.

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10 Things Your Mommy Wants You to Do This Mother’s Day

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Scroll below to know about to the list of 10 Things that your mommy wants you to do this Mother’s Day.

All of you agree to the fact that moms are indeed divine and their divinity cannot be measured in words at all. According to me, they are a part of our souls. No one in the world can love us more than our mommies. It is rightly said that when we get hurt or wounded, it is them who suffer with us and are in pain because obviously, we are suffering through it.

So what does a mommy want from you, well nothing but love and probably a few other things too? Below are some things that your mommy wants from you definitely.

They want you to follow the traffic rules

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Well, when step out of the house, all that goes round in her mind is the fact that you will definitely return safely home. Well, the only one thing that she expects is that you will follow the traffic rules. She doesn’t want you to drink and drive or talk on the phone while driving. Just keep in mind that your mom is waiting for you at home and thus please follow the traffic rules for your safety.

She wants you to have food at the right time

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No matter where you go in the world and how far you go from her. Her only concern with you is about your well being. There is a Punjabi song called “Dollar Vs Roti” by Ranjit Bawa that clearly mentions that only your mom is concerned about if you have had food or not, all others are interested in your earnings rather. The purest care is that of the mother hence eat your meals at the right time.

She also wants you to finish your food

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She wants you to finish your broccoli and everything that is given to you to eat. She wants you to have a balanced diet always so that you remain hale and hearty.

She also wants you to share your problems with her

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She is the essence of your life and will stand beside you in your thick and thin. But, for that she wants you to never hide anything from her. She will fight with the world for your safety and happiness. Hence, be honest with her.

She wants you to be the one who fights for their rights but doesn’t want in actual

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She doesn’t want you to be violent but also doesn’t want to you step back when you are not wrong. She wants you to peacefully prove yourself and not hurt yourself or anyone else in the midst.

She wants you to understand when she scolds

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We as adults or teenagers are rebellious for our wants. But sometimes, okay all the times, she is right and what she is asking you to do is right. If it’s a no from her, it is only because of your safety. Hence, do not get mad when she scolds.

She wants you to help sometimes

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There are days when she is sick or simply needs a leave from the household chores. If she demands your help, you should definitely lend a hand to her.

She wants you to be thankful to God

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She doesn’t want you to be complaining about every second obstacle you come across. She wants you to be thankful to God instead for what he has bestowed you with because there are some who even don’t have that. Hence, she wants you to keep your faith in God.

She wants you to obey Dad

mothers day 2019

Your dad is actually the shield around you who saves you from the all the difficulties and every obstacle. Hence, she wants you to respect that fact and love and obey him all the time.

She wants you to be compassionate

mothers day 2019

She wants you to have a big heart and help all those in need if that is possible for you. Well, your nature is the most important that one should have in life. Hence, your mother wants you to understand the facts and always be of kind nature.

Fortunate are those who have mothers.! Love them, respect them and most of all respect her presence and feel lucky that she is in your life. Happy Mothers day.

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