Mommies, the thugs! The bandits of our house whom we cannot live without. Be it an upsetting day or totally a happy one. We cannot spend it without her. I really feel that she is the only one person who is concerned with our well being. But we really need to accept the fact that we are intentionally or not intentionally always rude to her.

Just go back some hours back for once and think about how did you talked with her in the morning when she called you from the back and you stupidly took it superstitiously and scolded her for ruining your day by doing this, while all she wanted was to remind you to take your bottle of water which you had mistakenly left on the dining table.

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Okay, perhaps you did not do this. Now, how many times have you scolded her for not putting salt in your veggie in the right proportion or maybe a strand of her hair fell into your bowl of fruits and you like a rainy cloud busted at her and behaved furiously? Well, there is no denying the fact that we all do this but don’t realize it until we have lost the beautiful soul. There is a saying in the human mythology that says that “ A son can be as much as atrocious, but we have never ever heard of a mom who was one such.” Moms are divine in general and we can never thank her enough for going through the pain of giving us birth, the pain she went through after that, the sacrifices did and every single thing did until now so that.

For instance, god forbid if a kid goes through a contagious disease like chicken pox. There will be a very few people who will sit beside you taking care without caring about themselves of which the first one will be your mommy. There are rare chances that your friends, siblings etc will stick with you, believe me, moms, don’t care when it comes to you.

She lost her mommy on Mother’s Day. 

Well, all of us know that we love her from the inside and thus it’s time to say thank you for any kind of rude behavior we ever did with her. We are grateful to God, for giving us the love of a mommy and we really pray that all mommies in the world live a long but a healthy life.

Tell us times you were so mean and rude to your mother and then soon after you realized that what she was doing was for your own good and send us your lovely pictures together in the comments below, so that you can repent to her for your sins and let her know how much you love her.

Always remember “ Mom’s love is the purest, the cleanest and the greatest.”

Some rules and regulations.

  • Your message should not be of more than 100 words.
  • If possible put pictures of your with your mom
  • Every message should qualify the criteria of “ how she was doing good in the situation and how you were rude to her.”

Here is a small example for your convenience.

Mothers day 2018

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