Let me tell you about a real-life incident, day before yesterday a stray dog came outside my house. I ran inside and got some food to feed him, what I saw next was so heartbreaking that tears started to flow from my eyes. He was injured, perhaps beaten up by somebody. Without wasting any time, I called one of the most renowned Government animal care foundation in Delhi apparently. The man came after 1.30 long hours, talking really rudely he furthered his steps towards the puppy and was completely unsuccessful in his advances. This man absolutely had no equipment to even handle the dog, leave around treating him up. I was totally helpless and felt guilty from the core of my heart.

You all must be wondering by now, why has all this been stated in a Diwali post, that is because dogs massively get injured due to firecrackers and get utterly terrified by the enormous sounds. No kind of ambulance for them is trustworthy. Hence, I request the first and foremost thing to do is to avoid fireworks and if possible, please lend shelter to the strays.

The second thing that you can do is to celebrate your Diwali with old and aged people. We all distribute sweets to our loved ones, let us be distinctive and make this Diwali better for those neglected human beings too.

The overly polluted environment definitely demands an increment in the number of trees. So nothing is better than gifting your loved ones a sapling or a little plant and help curb the menace.

Have you ever realized how all the roads get cleaned up a day after Diwali, that’s because of the loyal sweepers of the locality? Wake up early the next day if you can and give them sweets and new clothes, they will be overwhelmed by this gesture of yours.

Your house helps should deserve a better Diwali for herself and her children too. Be kind and give away some innovative gifts like accessories for her daughter, drawing books for her kids or any kind of toy for her toddlers. Never fetch old and used stuff for them.

Happiness prevails when you keep all others happy too. Spend time with your parents and go the opposite way. Gift them the stuff they need and surprise them by throwing a little get together inviting all those they love.

Last but not the least, one of the perfect gifts to give to the underprivileged kids is education. Fetch some color, picture books for the needy kids you see in your locality, if that is not possible, head to up an N.G.O and distribute them to the children. This way you motivate and attract them towards education.

May you and your family have a rocking Diwali this year.

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