Festivals are the time to get your nerves together and having fun with your loved ones but due to some factors, we tend to become super exhausted with our jammed up schedules. I have collected a list of some souped-up methods to try out so that you enjoy your Diwali to the fullest. Do not to forget the Sanskrit phrase “ Atithi Devo Bhava” and adhere to treating your guest with utmost respect and happiness.

First things first Organize.

Prepare a list of guests who you think will surely be coming over to your place for exchanging Diwali gifts. It is always a good idea to have a call and organize a guest list so that there is no confusion on the last minute.

Clean up is must

I remember how my mother would start cleaning the house one month before Diwali to avoid any last minute consequences. If you are a corporate professional, you can probably start the process even before and assign related tasks for the weekends to yourself. For instance, take up cleaning and dusting of your bedroom for one and cleaning up your almirah for the other approaching weekend.

Happening Decors

You do want your guests to appreciate your home decor. The key for obtaining gratitude is to start sooner. Fetch up different kinds of pretty ornamentations for your home and repose one every evening, after office and get the lights done too. You probably do not want your guests to see you standing up on the stool to get the angle of the painting right just after they arrive.

For the gifter in you

After you have made the list, write the kind of gifts you want to fetch for the respective person underneath their name. Go shopping on weekends and keep on tick marking the work done. Get them wrapped up from the shop itself.

Stock up on food

You never know who reaches out to you at any point of time for the gifting and you undoubtedly don’t want to die of cooking exhaustion. What you can do is, you can keep several packs of frozen snacks or minute maid cookeries which get prepared within a jiffy when needed. You might as well stock up on some frozen corn and make out a salad by putting veggies into it for the diet conscious.

Handling the Booze menace

We all have this very situation which tends to occur around Diwali the most. You also don’t want people to get drunk at your home and spoil the spirit.To handle this kind of consequence, encourage your guests to have pretty mocktails which you can easily prepare at home.

Indulge kids

Some of your guests could also be accompanied with their kids. These little ones probably get bored between all the adult discussions. So what you can do is, assign a kids room in your house and get it filled up with some toys and balls. You should as well keep all the breakables and combustibles away from their reach.

Diwali is a time to rejoice so make sure you do spend a sparkling one.

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