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Ganesh Chaturthi is going to fall in the September Month. It is an auspicious festival which will begin from the 13th September and will end 11 days after the start. Bringing Lord Ganesha’s Idol home certainly spreads happiness and purity all over at home. But, does it stand true for the marine life too? Well, we all know that when we use Lord Ganesha’s idol that are made up of plastic or toxic materials, we are disrupting the environment. This Ganesha Chaturthi give your guests an invitation that also comprises of how you or they can make an Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi. Trust us, lord Ganesha will bless you for such a good cause.

Ganesh Chaturthi Pandals are those places, where we love spending our time in the evening. We feel immensely peaceful while listening to the hymns of Ganesh as well as Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat Katha over there. The Ganesh Chaturthi Arti in the Pandals give us a spike of spirituality every time we visit the Pandals and listen to them. The celebrations and the plans for the Ganesh Chaturthi decorations start days before the actual Ganesh Chaturthi Date. We are all concerned about what would be the background of the Pandals or crafts and ideas on the festival.

Kids are the most excited about Ganesh Chaturthi because with being spiritual to the core, it is also considered a fun festival. Students and kids are also given Ganesh Chaturthi crafts and posters to make in their respective schools and preschools as well. This is done so as to make them learn about the story as well as the significance of the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi.

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Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations is the need of the hour because there have been a lot of incidences where their have been reports of fishes and marine life losing their life because of toxic increase in the water body. The paints and materials used are sometimes even harmful for us humans. It is always an better option to use the eco friendly idols of Lord Ganesha because they dissolve easily and do possess harm to the living beings.

Check out the options for Eco Friendly Idols of Lord Ganesha from Amazon from here.

Handmade Eco Friendly Bio-degradable Idol

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This idol from Amazon is made out of 100% clay and will not cause any harm to the environment. You can simply buy it from Amazon for a price of Rs. 1999. It is completely free of any kind of colors.

Water Soluble Ganesha Idol

ganesh chaturthi eco friendly

This Ganesha Idol is ideal for the Eco- friendly Ganesh Chaturthi initiative. It is made up of clay and sand mixture and dissolves in water in minutes. The idol is painted and looks appealing as well. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs.699. 

Generic Seed Ganesha

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The Ganesha Idol is quite reasonable as well Eco-friendly. It is very pretty to look at as well. You can buy it on Amazon for Rs.580. The beautiful idol is 12 inches in length.

Ganesha Idol Shaddu Mitti

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The idol is around Rs.6,200 in price and is made up of organic materials. It is covered with Haldi (Turmeric), Kumkum and all the other natural colors. This idol is only available in Pune and Mumbai. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Coconut Husk Ganesha Idol

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This Ganesha Idol is made up of coconut husk and is a a little fragile so you will have to handle the idol with much care. The idol is made painted with any toxic colors or polishes. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs.399.

Potters Terracotta Ganesha Idol

ganesh chaturthi eco friendly

The product is absolutely a Eco-friendly material because of its water soluble properties. The potter’s clay is bio-degradable and hence not at all harmful to the water body. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs.1521.

Handcrafted Terracotta Idol

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The handmade Terracotta idol is one of a kind because the colors make it look very natural. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs. 799.

Ganesh Idol & Ridhi-Sidhi

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The idol is made with coconut husk and the major element of the idol is that it is accompanied with Lord Ganesha’s wives Riddhi and Siddhi. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs.399.

Pagdi Ganesha Idol

ganesh chaturthi eco friendly ganesha online

Lord Ganesha with a Pagdi is considered very auspicious according in the Hindu religion. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs.750. This product is specially made for the occasion of eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi.

Mitti Lord Ganesha

ganesh chaturthi eco friendly ganesha online

This Lord Ganesha Idol is made up of pure sand ( Mitti). The product is available at a very reasonable price despite being organic. You can buy it from Amazon for a price of Rs.430.

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